Black and Bloodied Dragonbone Armor HD2048x2048 by Ahelenek
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Added: 28/11/2011 - 02:46PM
Updated: 28/11/2011 - 04:36PM

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Last updated at 16:36, 28 Nov 2011 Uploaded at 14:46, 28 Nov 2011

Darker than the original set, and with some blood splattered on the helm, chest piece, and shield, gives your character a slightly more evil look as you rampage though the world of Skyrim.

Now guys, understand, I know some of you sick and twisted people out there love blood and would like more then this. That's a WIP, currently there is an issue with the UVs, by default it looks like a lot of the armor is mirrored, giving a rorschach like effect which I wont settle for. Asymmetrical blood splatter is a must.

My plan for the Black and Bloodiered Dragonbone Armor set is to make it look like your character picked up an innocent civilian and ripped him in half over his head, showering in his blood. Sick, I know. Stay tuned!