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Author : Seb263
Current Version : 1.1.4 (Updated the 10/12/2012)
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After playing several hours of Skyrim upon its release, I noticed that some things had not evolved much since its predecessor Oblivion which is over 5 years old.
I do not intend to list them, I will instead tell you about the spells.

You might have noticed, when you're facing an enemy who's main skill is destruction, he will simply sprinkle you with an elemental distant attack while trying to stay out of your reach as much as possible.
I therefore decided to give myself a challenge: make distant magic combat more interesting.

After several weeks of work on this mod, here it comes.

The question I ask you now is, have I succeeded my challenge in your opinion?
To answer said question, I propose you download and test the mod.

- How it works :

You and your enemy must cast a spell such as fire, ice or lightning at the same time. (A maximum of 3 tenths of a second are allowed between the two attacks)
The spell/attacks chosen by you and your enemy have no influence on the duel, they all inflict the same damage.

You will be informed of the start of a duel by a white flash , more or less short depending on your configuration.

The start conditions of a duel are the following:

- The enemy must be in your field of vision.
- The enemy must be hostile to the player. (to avoid a duel with an awkward ally)
- The distance between your player and the enemy must be between 7.15m and 25m.

In addition to these conditions, you can choose a percentage of success of launch.

For example, if you chose 10% and the above conditions are valid, you will have a 1 out of 10 chance for the duel to start. (more details below)

After this brief white flash, you will see your player right in the duel with his enemy since the camera will automatically rotate and stay focused on the fusion zone of the two spells.

If there are other enemies (or allies), all nearby NPC will ignore your player and his enemy.

Now the serious things begin, you will need to demonstrate speed and dexterity if you want to defeat your enemy.

To do this, you will have to use the left attack key, then the right attack key one after the other while remaining synchronized if you want to see your combo bonus climb throughout the duel.

The more powerful your enemy, the more he can reverse the situation in his favor.

Your player can call on his thu'um knowledge to strike down the enemy afterwards

To do this he must know the following words:

- Duel with a fire spell : "Yol Toor Shul"
- Duel with a ice spell : "Iiz Slen Nus"
- Duel with a lightning spell : "Fus Ro Dah"

Your player will then use one of these shouts and you will not have to wait for the cooldown.

After that, you can take back control of your character and the game will resume.

- The configuration book :

Found in your inventory, it will serve as a guide and also allows you to customize the duel settings.
The options offered are the following:

+-- Activate/Deactivate the mod
¦-- Customize the following settings :
¦+-- Difficulty of the duel
¦+-- Speed of the duel
¦+-- Chances of a duel starting
¦+-- Damage caused by the duel
¦+-- Influence of the difference in level between your enemy and your character on the duel.
¦+-- Influence of the difference in destruction skill level between your enemy and your character on the duel.
¦+-- Impact that the synchronization bonus has on the duel.
¦+-- Slow Time.
¦+-- Shouts.
+-- Debugging the mod.

You need Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) version 1.06.00 or higher to perform Magic Duels.
It still recommended to keep your game up to date

It is recommended to use the Nexus Mod Manager to install this mod.

1. Find the "Data" folder in the source folder of Skyrim.
(Default: C: \ Program Files \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Skyrim \ Data)
2. Place all the downloaded files of the archive in the "Data folder.
3. Start SkyrimLauncher.exe then click "Data Files".
4. Check the box of the "MagicDuel" mod.

A German version of the mod translated by Slavovitsh is available here.
An Italian version of the mod translated by Kalec84 is available here.
A Spanish version of the mod translated by Jalmpitt is available here.

06/14/2012 :
- Version 1.0 Bêta (English)

07/02/2012 :
- Version 1.1 Bêta (English) :

Bug Fixing :

- The new version is compatible with the first and will correct the animation bug (unable to smith, mix, enchant, etc...) without having to use console commands.
- Rework the system that initializes duels. (Correction of the "Naked Bug")
- Corrects the problem where spell impacts don't show up properly.
- Duel transitions should be smoother than before.
- Custom Armors added by mods should no longer cause any problems.
- Fix the bug when transforming into a werewolf.
- Fix the "flames" spell showing up in French.
- Fix the bug where duels would not start.
- Fix the bug where guards want to arrest you for a crime during a duel.
- The flash on the beginning of duels will be 3 times shorter.
- The duel will now work correctly even if the two duelists aren't of the same height.

Improvements :

- The cube will be replaced by a book which, in addition to allowing you to customize the settings, also provides information concerning the mod.
- Able to start a duel with all existing creatures except for dragons.
- Staves will be usable but the dual will play out by casting a spell (of the same properties as the staff, i.e fire, ice, etc...) allowing you to duel enemies such as Krosis.
- Addition of customizable Slow Time and Stop Time features.
- Add a "Damage" option in the book.
- Add a "Shout" option in the book.

07/02/2012 :
- French Translation for the 1.1 Bêta Version.

07/03/2012 :
- Version 1.1.1 Bêta (English)

Bug Fixing :

- Correction of the Screen Shaking bug.

08/08/2012 :
- Version 1.1.2 (English)

Bug Fixing :

- The debug function corrects the bug where the player would be invinsible.
- The book can now be removed from the inventory.

Improvements :

- The mod is entirely compatible with the Dawnguard DLC.
- The compatibility between this mod and other mods such as Belua Sanguinaire has been improved.
- Script coding has been improved.

09/11/2012 :
- Version 1.1.3 (English)

Bug Fixing :

- Fix the problem where the player can not win any duel since the patch.
- Most of the bugs related to the player's clothes were corrected.

Improvements :

- The QTE stage has been completely recoded (thanks to the SKSE) and the game is now much more responsive.

10/12/2012 :
- Version 1.1.4 (English)

Bug Fixing :

- Fix the problem where SKSE was not undetected.

Q. Does this work with the Nexus Mod Manager?
A. Yes.

Q. Does this work with a controller?
A. Yes. (The keys to use are LT and RT)

Q. How do duels with a staff work?
A. A staff can be used to start a duel but the actual duel will not use the staff. (staffs dont work the same way the spells do)
You can only start a duel if, in your other hand, you either have a spell or no weapon/shield

Q. Is that the mod is compatible with other mods related to magic?
A. If the spells of other mods have been created properly, it should work.
By "properly" I mean the addition of one of these Keywords to the magic effect of the spell : "MagicDamageFire, MagicDamageFrost, MagicDamageShock"

Problem: I can't start a duel while using a controller.
Solution: Your controller is either turned off or not properly configured.

Problem: My character is naked or has an iron armor during duels.
Solution: Open your inventory, then use the Magic Duel book, and click on "Debug".

Problem: My character is stuck after the duel, I have no control over it.
Solution: Bring up the console, type "EnablePlayerControls", then open your inventory, use the Magic Duel book, and click on "Debug".

Problem: During a duel, the enemy doesn't use a spell and is stuck.
Solution: Despite this being a new version, this mod is still in beta and these kind of bugs can still continue to pop up. Continue the duel even if the enemy seems to be stuck there, it won't affect the way the the duel unravels and will not affect your gameplay.

Problem: During a duel, I don't see the impact of the spells and the actions between my character and the enemy aren't synchronized.
Solution: Your computer may be having difficulties managing the duels. Consider lowering your graphics in the settings.

Problem: It seem i can't win any duel.
Solution: You probably forgot to install SKSE...

This mod does not change any spells, NPCs, quest, or anything else.
The original game (Vanilla) was completely preserved, there should therefore be no conflict with any other mod.

If you have problems with synchronization of the duel (slowdowns, spells casted at the wrong times, etc ...), you must maximize the fluidity of the game by, for example, lowering the graphics settings.

You can contact me via my profile on the Nexus Forums ( MP / Mail )

Thanks to bbe for his translations of the mod description and the magic duel book, as well as for testing this release.

Thanks to ELAmericano for having spent so much time meticulously picking out bugs for previous versions, for sharing his opinions and ideas as well as supporting me and my work.

Thanks to Morg198 for his corrections and support during the creation of this mods' first version.

Finally, thanks to all of those who support me and contribute to the popularity of this mod by voting for it or making videos.

This mod can't be used / published without my permission.

If you want to make an add-on relating to or using this mod, please let me know.
If I gave you permission for a translation, please create an ESP file connnected to the MagicDuel.esm (which will allow for the mod to remain updated without removing the translation every time)