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Forlorn Keep is a player home geared towards an evil/dark Mage character situated high in the mountains near Dawnstar/Winterhold.

When you start your game, there will be a new icon on your map for you to fast travel to your new home. It's located in the mountain range that lies south of Dawnstar/Winterhold, close to Wayward Pass. (map in screenshots) To access the home, climb the steps in the tower to reach the trapdoor entrance.

The home is set atop a tall tower, in the ruins of a once mighty fort; Fort Forlorn. Many years ago, a notorious Necromancer summoned an undead horde to assist in the construction of a dark, yet cozy abode to look out across the sea. Over the years the timber walkway to reach the keep has rotted, and barely holds up. However, as long as the tower is reachable by any means, a ne'er-do-well will always reside at Forlorn Keep (as well as the Keep's Frost Spider, Legs)

Currently it contains the following:

- NPCs/Creatures -
1 Pet Frost Spider named Legs. Not essential, so can be killed.

- Storage - All safe to store your items, they do not respawn.
3 Weapon Racks
4 Display Cases (1 large)
6 Barrels
2 Chests
1 Apothecary Sack
2 End Table
1 Cupboard
1 Urn

- Crafting Stations -
(Bottom floor of home)
Arcane Enchanter
Alchemy Station
Cooking Spit
Tanning Rack (mods are available to create custom robes)

- Misc gear -
Bed with Well Rested bonus for sleeping
Bedroll under the stairs with Well Rested bonus
Small Shrine of Nocturnal
Steel Dagger
Hooded Necromancer's Robes
Food/Mead/Wine etc
Chairs and benches


This is the second custom home mod I've released to the public. I plan on releasing a series of player homes, named Roleplaying Homes. Geared towards particular classes, and not necessarily the common ones. Woodsman's Shack is the first of that series (Ranger/Hunter home), Forlorn Keep the second (Evil/Dark Mage home).

If you have any suggestions for classes feel free to comment.


=Recommended Installation=

Use Nexus Mod Manager

=Manual Installation=

Extract the .esp file to your SkyrimData folder. Using a mod manager ensure

Forlorn Keep.esp is ticked. Or from the Skyrim Launcher, in Data Files.


Deactivate using Nexus Mod Manager if you installed it that way.

Or manually delete Forlorn Keep.esp from your SkyrimData folder.

=Compatibility and Conflicts=

Compatible with water/texture enhancing mods. Should be compatible with any mods that alter vanilla equipment as I have used almost all vanilla gear.

Will conflict with any mods that alter the cell the house is built, and the immediate surrounding cells

I always appreciate any feedback and bug reporting. Please feel free to comment.

The lighting in the home is dark, due to the theme of the mod. As such, it may not work well with some lighting mods. If it's too dark with the lighting mods, just use a torch ;)

I have done my best to Navmesh (first try) the keep for followers to go up with you, but it's glitchy. They will ofcourse enter the home when you do even if they're still on the ground (as always). However the home is navmeshed for followers.

As is the general practice of mod usage, please remember to backup your save before using this mod.

=Also available at=

Steam Workshop