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We only support Skyrim version and

Wrye Bash 306.

When using ModOrganizer you have to launch Wrye Bash from MO as covered on their description page.

Important: Wrye Bash needs developers.

If you are familiar with the Python programming language, please consider helping with development. We ported our repository to git at github to make contributing super easy. Our bug tracker lists everything we're aware of at present.

306 is out ! Please post feedback on the official Oblivion thread

What does Wrye Bash do?

  • It makes it safe to try out new mods because it will restore everything to the way it was when you uninstall a mod
  • It makes more mods compatible with each other by importing information from different mods into a "bashed patch"

Can Wrye Bash merge Mods?

Note: Wrye Bash can not merge mods that add new records to Skyrim. It can only merge mods that overwrite a previous master. If a mod alters Skyrim.esm, or any other ESM from the Nexus, it can be merged into the Bash Patch. As an example a mod like Immersive Armors introduces new records to Skyrim and can not be merged. However, just like Immersive Armors the vast majority of Skyrim mods add new records. This means there is no way to load 300, 400, or 500 mods and still be under the safe limit of 254 mods max. That number is 0 to 254 or, 255 mods. Skyrim.esm is always (00), Update.esm is always, (01) and so on.

Comments? Questions?

Feel free to join the discussion at the current official threads: Oblivion, Skyrim. Be sure to read the first post of the relevant thread for information on installation, troubleshooting, reporting bugs etc. If you are having trouble, you'll find many friendly people there who can help. Check out the 2nd post to see the list of known bugs, and, more importantly, whether the bug has already been fixed


Basic information is in the OP of the Wrye Bash topic at the BethSoft forums linked to above. For more information visit:

The General Readme can be launched from inside Bash by clicking the question mark icon on Bash's toolbar.

Requirements and Installation:

Short version:

Just use the installer and install to the Skyrim folder! When you install dependencies, just install them to their default locations.

Long version:

There are two versions available: the Python version and the Standalone version. They are functionally equivalent. Most people should run the Standalone version since it is slightly simpler (no external Python components to install). You don't need to install the Python version, however, you can if you want to be more involved with development or if you already have Python installed on your system for other reasons.

If you are using the Python version, dependency installation will be handled automatically by the installer. However, if you want or need to do things manually, see the General Readme for information, and the Advanced Readme for detailed instructions.

Note that the 32-bit versions are required even if you are on a 64-bit operating system

  • For manual installations of either the Standalone or Python versions, extract the archive in your Skyrim game folder so that the Mopy directory appears in the Skyrim directory
  • For Python versions, run by double-clicking on Wrye Bash Launcher.pyw
  • For WBSA (Wrye Bash StandAlone), run by double-clicking on Wrye Bash.exe

Remember! In Windows Vista and up, don't install Skyrim in the Program Files folder due to User Account Control!
See Also File Permissions

Version history:

306 Code refactoring, performance [2015/11/07] [Utumno]
  • Option to list dependencies on a particular mod [Utumno]
  • Optionally skip instead of ignoring Skyrim .BSL [Utumno]
  • Wine Compatibility [Utumno]
  • Oblivion esm version swapping fixups [Utumno]
  • Switching save profile does not activate mods for this save profile [Utumno]
  • Master list fixups and enhancements [Utumno]
  • UnicodeDecodeError on tmp dir creation when username contains non ascii chars [Utumno]
  • Table.dat fixups [Utumno]
  • Scroll position not set on startup (Installers, People and Screens tabs) [Utumno]
  • Delete fixups [Utumno]
  • Ghosted Plugins Sorted after the Bash Patch [Utumno]
  • Bash loads an invalid plugins.txt without notifying the user of the error. [Utumno]
  • Mergeable plugins do not auto deactivate [Utumno]
  • Error when applying BCF [Utumno]
  • [Ini setting] re-add setting for BOSS executable location [Sharlikran]
  • [Ini setting] Disable prompt for activating bashed patch [Utumno]
  • is missing the 3rd hi-res DLC file in bethDataFiles array [jfpelland]
  • Added a force UTF-8 option to plugin encodings. [Utumno]
  • Skyrim - New GMST settings tweaks requests [jfpelland]
  • Huge lag when switching back to mods tab from another application [Utumno]
  • Menu item to load only selected mods [Utumno]
  • Comments box forgets its size [Utumno]
  • UnicodeDecodeError when importing a face to a save [Utumno]
  • Rework Mod Groups - remove BALO [Utumno]
  • Bash should send deleted files to the Recycle Bin [Utumno]
  • Masters list displays incorrectly [Utumno]

For changes from all previous versions, see the Version History.