My Little Pony Antagonist Shields by Browen
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The My Little Pony Antagonist Shields texture pack replaces the guard shields of five of the nine holds of Skyrim with MLP themed shields.

If you want the shields for yourself you're going to have to kill or pickpocket a guard! Don't worry, it's okay to commit crimes against Skyrim and her people if it's for My Little Pony.
Just don't let them catch you and take back the shields!
I've noticed that guards in cities liberated by the Stormcloaks do not carry these shields unfortunately.

Whiterun - Nightmare Moon
Falkreath - Discord
Windhelm - Ursa Minor
Solitude - Diamond Dog
Riften - Mysterious Mare-Do-Well
Morthal - Red dragon
Dawnstar - Gilda the Griffon

Markarth and Winterhold coming soon.