Spartan Armor and Celtic Sword by Jackspinout
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Hello Everyone this is my first mod.

I always wanted the Spartan Armor in Skyrim, so i have seen none done yet so i just jumped in and done it. it is not perfect, this is my first mod but it is good enouph for me.

_Getting The armor_

- The Spartan Armor, it is based on the Penitus Oculatus armor. there is 2 way for you to get the armor.
first you can go to the dragon bridge and kill Penitus to take his armor or use the command " player.additem "
- the helm can be seen in a quest of the theives guild that take place in the east empire trading company. Or you can get it with the command.
- the blade is the Nighingale Blade retext. So by finishing the theives guild you will get it. And it as now replaces the Akaviri Katana know as the Sword of the blades.
- The Shield is a rare item that can be found in the game. i dont know where so use the command if you want it.

for the commands, open the console, then type ex: player.additem 000aeb9 1
the 1 is for the quantity you want to add to your inventory.

0003AEB9 AkaviriKatana
000D3EA0 ArmorPenitusCuirass
000D3EA7 ArmorPenitusBoots
000D3EAB ArmorPenitusGauntlets
000E41D8 ArmorShieldofYsgramor
0009610D ArmorImperialHelmetFull


Put the data folder in steam/steamapps/skyrim.
"warning" it will replace the Akaviri Katana for a Celtic type of sword...


remove the files..

Have Fun!