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Ultimate Skyrim Quests Overview and Checklist

Your journal in Skyrim doesn't do a great job of tracking your progress, and no real broad overview of everything you can do in the game exists (to my knowledge). With this list, you can log your progress as your adventure unfolds or find out what you have previously missed.

I gathered data from UESPWiki, The Elder Scrolls Wiki and various game guides to make this as complete and logical as possible.


  • Complete: Includes all Main Quests, Faction Quests, Daedric Quests, Divine Quests, Dungeon Quests, Side Quests, each single Miscellaneous Quest sorted by Hold and City, all global Collection Quests and an overview of non-unique objectives and activities.
  • Coherent: The formatting should make the distinction between major quests, side quests and miscellaneous quests that don't show up in your journal easy.
  • Spoiler-free: As much as possible, generic descriptions like "Retrieve X for Y" or spoilers to the quest's ending are avoided and only the beginning of the story or hints and pointers are told. If you have any suggestions for improved wording, I am happy to hear them.
  • PDF versions link to applicable UESPWiki articles.
  • Does not include quests that are currently broken.

Versions available:

  • JPG Image (5732 x 2500 px)
  • Printable PDF Document (A3, 4 pages)
  • Printable PDF Document (A4, 7 pages)

Ideas on how to use this:

  • Put it on your iPad, and track your progress by making annotations. (I do this.) Adobe Reader lets you scribble on it and add sticky notes, GoodReader and other apps should also work well.
  • Go to your local print shop and print the A4 version as a mini-guide and checklist.
  • Print the A3 version and stitch the pages together for a massive poster.

  • 1.0: Initial Release
  • I appreciate comments, suggestions and corrections. I will do my best to keep improving this, if there is any interest. I skipped double-checking all the links for the 1.0-release (so not everything that should links to UESPWiki), but it's on the to-do list for the next update.


    Thanks for all the support! I will update this with the Dawnguard and Dragonborn quests (and a white version) in the near future. Stay tuned.