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Mammoth's Rest Farm is a cozy but spacious player owned house near Whiterun with all crafting stations, plenty of storage, an indoor rock pool and nice sunset views from the patio. Named after the mammoth bones sitting in the middle of the grounds (and because I love mammoths).
A lore friendly place to relax and display your stuff, conveniently located smack in the middle of Skyrim.
On the farm grounds you will find a garden, a Vendor in his own house and a stable for your horse.

The key to the house is located in a locked strong box in the crafting shed, or can be found on the previous owner. You'll find a hint to his whereabouts on the note by the front door.


- Alchemy Table
- Enchantimg Table
- Cooking Spit
- Player bed ("Well Rested" Bonus)
- 16 Mannequins
- Weapon Racks
- Shield Racks
- Display Cases
- Bookcases
- Safe storage, indoors and outdoors
- Indoor freshwater pool
- Archery Range
- Tanning Rack
- Smelter
- Forge
- Wood Chopping Block
- Grindstone
- Workbench
- Harvestable Plants
- Respawning Insects
- *NEW* more space to park your followers



German Translation - deutsche √úbersetzung von RazorX13:


1. with Nexus Mod Manager

Download with Manager, activate Mod, and you're done. :-)

2. manual install

Choose "download manually", extract the Mammoth's Rest Farm.rar and copy/paste the Mammoth's Rest Farm.esp into the Skyrim/Data-Folder, activate it in the launcher.


With every mod that alters the same cells (2,-2 and 2,-3).
See screenshots for the exact location.

Known Issues:

- The bed in the Master Bedroom does indeed give the "Well Rested" Bonus, although the appropriate message is not displayed. The Unofficial Skyrim Patch fixes that.

- The Mannequins may behave strangely.
I recommend using the Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix Mod

- When exiting the front door it may take a while to load, due to the amount of stuff that needs to be rendered, and having it all in the Tamriel Worldspace.

Thanks to:

Bethesda for making another fantastic game for getting me started on modding

The Nexus Sites for being the first stop to look for mods.