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Essential followers plugins for Skyrim
Version 1.1
By JPro6

NOTE: This mod does not currently work for Brelyna Maryon or Onmund, I'm not sure why as it does set the essential flag in their NPC records (which works for the other followers). I will look into this.


This mod makes your followers essential so they can't be killed.

In the folder "Essential followers - all followers" you will find an ESP file which makes every follower essential at once.

In the folder "Essential followers - individual followers" you will find a seperate ESP file for every follower. Each file makes that follower essential, so you can use just one or any combination. (Cicero, Erandur and Mjoll are not included as they are already essential characters).

The mod includes the dogs Vigilance and Meeko

NOTE: The quest "Boethiah's calling" will not work if this mod is enabled and your follower is essential. Please deactivate this mod to play that quest.


Copy the ESP file or files you want to use to your Skyrim\Data folder. Make sure they are enabled in the Data Files section of the Skryim launcher (usually newly-copied files are enabled by default).


Thanks to the people who wrote the wiki and the makers of the following softare: TESsnip, FO3Edit, Skyrim Viewer. Thanks also to the makers of the Skyrim Nexus website.


Version 1.1

Fixed a bug with the short version of some characters' names.

Version 1.

Initial release.