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Last updated at 17:27, 28 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 22:08, 28 May 2012

Thanks to brodual for adding Lian in his video :3
But to get her face look as in the pictures and not in the video download
all required mods from the list above.
- Official CBBE Face Pack is needed to make her face look right,
its in the optional list in the CBBE download list.
Lian Vera - Mage follower by Lith:

0.Change Log:

-Fixed folders hierarchy, now the eyes and hair textures in the right place.

- Now Lian has her own house near Riverwood. (She is no longer in the whiterun inn)
- Changed her combat style, she now use more spells.
- Added\changed her spells and perks list.
- New look: new hair texture, she now has her own tone of blond with red edges :3
New eyes texture.

- Fixed the bug that made Lian not to show up when loading after game restart. :3!
- She now returns to Drunken Huntsman inn if you can't find her on the first floor check
on the second near the bed.
- Now I can easily make changes to her so when I learn more about CK I will make more updates. :)
- Added new optional better face texture (downloadable separately) with a small start tattoo
to make her a little more special.
Check image section for the in game footage. /*Note: Its not included in the main file but strongly suggested :3 *

- Now you can marry her.
- Added few more spells.
- Changed her atributes, now she had less mana and helth,
I've test her with my lvl 53 char and she isn't over powered now.
- Added few minor scripts.
- Changed her face texture now she hould look better.
- Renamed her to Lian Vera.


It's my first "mod" so I'm quite gald that it works :3

She is an Imperial Destruction Mage, she can be found at her own house near Riverwood.
If you want to change her cloth keep in mind she is a mage so don't give her heavy armor :P
nor light :3 an enchanted robe should be the best for her.

If you have knowledge with Creation kit AI packages \ Papyrus scripts and would like to help
me please contact me.


a)Un-pack the rar to your main folder of the game.
b)activate LianVera-v2.1.esm and LianVera-v2.5.esp with the launcher or anyother program.


First enter the game and load your current save with Lian,
take all items from her that you would like to keep.
talk to her and dismiss her.
Exit the game.
Unpack the files to you "data" folder.
Deactivate "LianVera-v2.1.esm" and Activate "LianVera-v2.1.esm" and "LianVera-v2.5.esp"
Enjoy :3


Dellete the folders:
and the file
"LianVera-v2.1.esm" and "LianVera-v2.5.esp" from the 'data' folder.

4.Mods required:

- ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii - her hair style.
- Official CBBE Face Pack 1-2 and body Note you don't need the body just the face pack, but the body strongly recommended :P

4.1.Optional Mods:

Simple Bat - Force Marriage and Divorce by Opedreee

This will help you if you married her in previous versions and want to marry her again.
(or if you married any one else and want her to marry you ;) )

0.1.Known Bug of v2.0: / *Fixed in v2.1*
After restart of the game you won't see her near you.

1.Go to any npc follower you know, for example Jennasa that can be found in WhiteRun at the Drunken Huntsman,
3.Talk to her and ask her to join you.
4.Load your current save and you will see her.

Next time that happens just load that save near Jennasa and ask her to join you. Then load your current save.
you can do this whit any other char or with any other follower like lydia for instance.
-If you like her please leave a comment and endorse her. =
=It will push me to make more >:3 -

Special Thanks to PetsForHire for helping me fix the gray face bug :3

Also, you can download her as a save file:

if you want her level 60 all skills unlocked and a lot of money,
get it Here
or if you want her level 1 at the Helgen Keep:
Get it Here

Or my other char:

Millina - Brunette Nord Beauty