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Here is the official V3 Promo video.

Many thanks to a talented young videographer - Mr Josh Ezzell.

I wish to express my gratitude to all of you who have endorsed this mod which to date has reached 17000+ endorsements. That figure has more than surpassed my original expectations so thank you everyone.

So in no particular order.....

Climates Of Tamriel Cinematic ENB
This is the official Climates Of Tamriel ENB 0.119 which is available to download from the files section. There is also an older ENB v0.113 available to download.

Author: IndigoNeko
Developed using ENB 0.119, author IndigoNeko introduces a new custom DoF technique which is very impressive.

Author: Bronze316
One of the first ENB's developed for Climates Of Tamriel. It has proved popular amongst CoT users.

Phinix Natural ENB
Author: Phinix
Another ENB for Climates Of Tamriel - user ENB 0.119

prOPAs ENB 0.117
Author: propa
Developed specifically for use with Climates Of Tamriel. There are some nice screenshots available to view in the user submitted images section on this page.

Author: wolfstryder

Author: JoPineapple
Designed specifically for Climates of Tamriel, Syncot ENB is available to download from this mod authors page. The author has a number of various ENB hosted on his pagewhich may interest you.

Author: LSiwora
Another popular ENB which is Climates of Tamriel compatible.

Rezerect ENB
Author: Steamin661

ENB Noir
Author: JoshEzzell

This ENB takes an interesting slant on things, because it's black and white. Take a trip back to the silver screen with this ENB.

Designed specifically for use with Climates Of Tamriel, initial comments and screenshots are good.

Author: Yoon2886

NOTE: If you are a author who has created an ENB preset specifically for Climates Of Tamriel, then feel free to contact me with regards to providing a link to your work on this page.

This is troubleshoot and 'frequently asked questions' section which will hopefully provide you with some assistance if you have a unresolved query.

Q: My download is stuck. What can I do?
A: There are 'mirror' download links available on this page.

Q: I'm not using any of the Vanilla Nights patches but my nights are too bright?
A: The cause of this is probably down to the ENB your are using. Night brightness will need to be adjusted within the ENB's settings.

Q: Can I use a different sunglare?
A: Yes. Be sure to install the you new sunglare texture in the 'texturesskyclimatesoftamriel' folder.

Q: I've installed Climates Of Tamriel but I see no new weather and clouds?
A: Wait 24 hours game time for the weather to enter transition.

Thanks to MISTERMOURAS for this:
For anyone who is using ENB and needs to brighten up nights or interiors:
1) open the enbseries.ini file, which is located in your main skyrim dir
2) edit these entries, under [ENVIRONMENT]:
The above values are the ones I am using right now, along with the brightest of CoT nights preset and vanilla dungeons. You can adjust those values as much as you'd like, save, then go back into the game and see what suits you better.

Also, for those who need torches to give off more light:
Same rules apply here.

If your videocard is ATI, you MUST alter the following line, under [FIX]:

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Project Reality: Climates of Tamriel is the official weather & lighting mod of S.T.E.P. - Skyrim Total Enhancement Project
Project Reality: Climates of Tamriel is an exclusive feature of DEATH SNOW | SKYRIM OVERHAUL
Project Reality: Climates Of Tamriel is to become the weather & lighting add-on used for the upcoming blockbuster Skyrim modification ANDORAN