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An armor mod by Hothtrooper44.

"Akaviri Samurai Armor" is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy armor set for all genders and races. The Akaviri are great dragon slayers from another continent. The fabled Blades of Tamriel forged their armors in the like of Akaviri warriors.

The people of Akavir are renowned for their mastery over dragons. When they invaded Tamriel in the first Era, they slew many of the native beasts. The locals learned some of their ways, and the King's guard known as the Blades were created in the image of Reman Cyrodiil's Akaviri Dragonguard. Don the armor of the great dragon slayers themselves as you face the awakening of the long lost terror of the skies!

This armor set is has the same armor value and weight as the Blades Armor set. It is crafted under the Steel section at a normal forge and requires the Orcish smithing perk. Both genders and all races can use this armor set. Since the famed weapon of the Akaviri is a katana, I recommend you use one such as Insanity's Celtic Katana.

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If you wish to use this armor set for your mod, please ask me by message first.
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