Arousing Armors II - Dawnguard Edition - Revealing Female Armors CHSBHC BBP by JeremeW5257
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Revealing Female Armors


CHSBHC Body Mody Only

This mod replaces ALL existing female armors with BBP compatible armors.All original textures from the game were used in the creation of each armor style. The goal was to keep as much to the original armor look, while maximizing the amount of "boobs and butts" showing.

This mod is not intended to reflect reality or bring a more "lore friendly" aspect to the game. There are plenty of mods out there that already do that. This purpose of this mod should be fairly obvious...ENJOY!!!

There is a HUGE variation between NPC weight 0 and NPC weight 100. If you set NPC weight between 0 - 15, it will give you a Cup range between a small C and DD. The Version 2 pics were taken with a NPC weight of 10...just FYI. I am in the process of updating SUPERMODEL SKYRIM with smaller NPC weights and new APACHII hairstyles, to give a more realistic body look...Look for it soon!!

Armors Converted to BBP
- Dawnguard Armors...NEW...first version not loaded correctly...has good version now

- Bandit - All versions
- Blades
- Daedric - Didn't make one...use...Teals03 MaikCG Version
- Dark Brotherhood
- Dragonbone
- Dragonscale
- Draugr
- Dwarven
- Ebony
- Elven
- Forsworn
- Glass
- Hide
- Imperial - Heavy and Light
- Iron
- Nightingale
- Nordplate - Steelplate
- Orcish
- Savior's Hide
- Steel
- Stormcloaks...Updated style available on ALL FEMALE GUARDS file (read below **)
- Studded - Leather
- Thieves Guild
- Wolf - Companions

Big Thanks To
- Teals03...Stacked Against Gravity Body and Armors with BBP Scaling...original designer of armors
- NPR...original designer of new boot style...Argent Iron Armor, Ritter Armor, & Eisen Platte Armor
- Gatti...original designer of Dawnguard Vampire armor boots

Required Mods
-CHSBHC-BBP-Nude and Jiggly Mod
-Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition-CBBE (use body texture file to avoid seams at hips)

**There is a new Stormcloak armor style, but I don't recommend using it unless you also use the ALL FEMALE GUARDS mod. The reason for this is because the in order to convert the Female boot style, I had to also convert the male boot (There is no Female Stormcloak boot). All of the guards wear the Stormcloak boot, so it will look funny to have all the male guards wall around in girl boots. If you use the ALL FEMALE GUARDS mod, they will be converted to female and it will actually look good.

If you like this mod, check out the REVEALING CLOTHING Version...

also check out

for the Ultimate "Hottie" experience!!

Directions to modify armor to lower bodyweight setting (give a C-cup Breast size)
If you want to set all the armor meshes to a CBBE style, all you have to do is copy the low body weight mesh and overwrite it to the larger one. It's very simple...just time consuming.

Here's what I mean...

Open your Data folder, then open meshes, then open armor, then open bandit. You'll find several .NIF files. The body one is usually called CUIRASS, BODY, or TORSO. It will be the one NOT named "gauntlets", "boots", or "helmet". There will be 2...CuirassF_0.nif and CuirassF_1.nif. These represent the lowest and largest body weights. Copy the CuirassF_0.nif to the desktop. Rename it to CuirassF_1.nif. Then drag it back into the Bandit folder. Click YES to overwrite file. All you are doing is making the smallest and largest body weight files the same (the small one). So regardless of the NPCs weight, she will have the small boob body. Do this process of ALL armors and clothes to get the smaller Cup size on all females.


Make sure you ONLY do the FEMALE body armors. There is a male and female "cuirass" file for every armor style. The female ones will end in an F or be located in a separate "female" folder under the armor type. Each one is different. Don't blame me...the game is setup that way. Make sure you copy it EXACTLY or it will not work.