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>>Awesome Shader Suite Update: Just download it and enjoy! Endorse so other people can enjoy too!

>>HDR Update: I have added "Skyrim Enhanced Shaders HDR Awesome Edition" Which might cause fps loss. The credits for HDR go to Tapioks. It's basically an awesome profile for Skyrim Enhanced Shaders! If you have Nvidia, Fps loss might not happen. If you're an ATI user, Fps loss will happen. Try it out! It's Awesome!


So, nearly every shader or FXAA suite has around 10 fps loss. Worth it, if you ask me, but does it really have to be that way?

This mod makes a great looking game look even greater, more detailed, and more awesome. It doesn't noticeably decrease fps at all.

For example;
using this mod, if I have 50fps with it off, I will get 48fps with it on.
If I'm using the FXAA Injector, I will get 50fps with it off and 35fps with it on.

There's some fps loss, it's impossible to make the game look amazing without any fps loss. However, it's so little that you won't notice it. Most other mods decrease fps by 10-20fps but this one does, at most, 5fps. Nearly every user reports only 1-3fps loss. If you have any major fps loss (Higher than 5fps), please read the note at the end of this page and post a comment with your specs. Thanks!

It uses enbseries by patch 4. After version 1.2, it uses enb patch 9 with fps limiter! It also uses Himmelsrand Custom Shader Suite by Hunin, to give a bit more color and more contrast. After version 1.2, it uses a combination of Hunin's shader, the post process injector, and my own shader. Plus, it's makes textures more detailed. I made it for my laptop (G73JH), but I also tested it on my friends comp. He thought it was perfect! :D


>>NEW: Improved graphics and HQ Bloom

>>No Noticeable FPS Loss
>>FXAA disabled (more fps and no blurred textures)
>>HQ Pre and Post Sharpening (you'll start to notice amazing detail in textures. Look in the note section if you want to increase/decrease it)
>>No horrible bleach
>>Tonemap (very nice color and lighting, if you thinks saturation is too high, look in the note section)
>>Some bug fixes and stability fixes
>>In game control (press pause/break to turn off/on the whole mod)
>>Customize for a tailor made shader suite (look in the note section)


>>HDR, High dynamic range, it mimics the eye. If you are in a room and you go outside (real life), you will be blinded for a couple of seconds! This mimics how that works. It also improves dungeons!
>>HQ Bloom, it adds a soft glow to bright things, like light sources and the reflections of them!
>>All the above features, excluding the "No Noticeable FPS Loss" except for most Nvidia cards


Install: just extract it to the main folder, not the Data folder. Extract it to the place where the launcher is.


>>As Tatto pointed out, "for those that have an ATI card that has the fx issue of no flames and spell effects that by changing in the enbseries.ini supplied the line FixGraphics=false to true, that solves the issue." Also, Mistappears seems to have fixed the no fx issue by setting fps limiter to false in enbpatch.ini!

>>Also, this mod is NOT compatible with other FXAA Shader mods, Optimus cards, and some Nvidia cards. This issue is being worked on, but as seeing that I have ATI, it might not be easy. Only a couple of people with Nvidia are having these issues, most are working fine.

>>This mod's color and sharpening was made for my laptops screen (G73JH), however, you can lower/increase the sharpening and colors so that it becomes tailor made for you computer. Here's how;
1: Open SkyrimCustomShader_Config.h in a text editor, i.e notepad
2: To lower sharpening, edit this line;
float Sharpen = 0.120; (Lower it by increments of 0.010, if the image looks too blurry or soft, you've gone too low, if it becomes grainy, it's too high)
3: To lower saturation, edit this line;
#define Saturation 0.165 (Lower it by increments of 0.020, If the image becomes colorless, it's too low. Increase it by increments of 0.010)
4: Extras, since you're already there, you can also change these lines;
#define Gamma 1.125 (Higher values increase darkness and saturation)
#define Exposure 0.02 (Increase it to make bright parts brighter and lower it if it's too bright)
#define BlueShift 0.00 (If the image is too warm, increase this)
//#define USE_VIGNETTE (If you like cinematic immersion at the cost of less realistic experience, remove the //)

>>If you find a setting that looks great on your computer, post it in the comments, and I'll add it to the downloads section!


>>Boris Vorontsov from for making such an awesome thing possible. He's the creator of ENB.
>>Tapioks from Enhanced Shaders mod for New Vegas and Skyrim. For showing that HDR is possible for Skyrim!
>>Bethesda, for creating my favorite game of all time, Oblivion and now this!
>>>>Beta testers like sands2k, NCloud83, vock, and antmanfersil for helping me!


I have permission from Boris Vorontsov and Tapioks. Contact Boris:
Donate to Boris Vorontsov:
And to Tapioks: