Lian Imperial lvl 60 all skills by Lithiumflower
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Lian - Imperial

made her to share here, she is level 60 all skills unlocked and a lot of money,
didn't do any quest (almost she isn't in the start).

If you want here is a save file when she is level 1 at the Helgen Keep.
get it HERE

hope you like her, and if you do please leave a comment and endorse
so other will see her too and so I will see that there is a point to make and share few more..

List of mods that I used:
Official CBBE Face Pack 1-2 and body
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii

Think thats all you need to make her look like in the pictures, if you don't
get the same look post a pic and I'll try to find out :/

If you like her check my new Nord char Millina :

you can download her save file Here

Anyway, hope you like her!
Comments and endorsements are appreciated >:3