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Main File
This mod is an overhaul of the mundane items in Skyrim, and has 3,700 individual changes or additions. This comes in two versions: one that reuses existing models, and one that uses the Thalmor elven armor retextures by shodan44 for the new equipment tier. If you use the Thalmor version, you must download the models separately from his page (see instructions below).

A short summary of the changes this mod makes (see the readme for more information):

--The weight of nearly everything has been redone in order to conform to real world items.
--Weapon and armor recipes have been changed to make the ingredient lists better match the created item (in both material quantity and type). The values of materials have been adjusted to compensate.
--Recipes have been added for most missing weapons and armors, including arrows, silver weapons, and faction armors.
--Crafting recipes added for clothing and circlets.
--Crafting recipes added for soul gems, scrolls, and staves.
--Leveled items may be upgraded if you are high enough level
--Weapons and armor can be broken down into scrap material that can be combined back into ingots.
--Circlets can be worn with hoods.
--The Smithing perk tree and item levels have been completely revamped.

IMPORTANT: WHEN SETTING LOAD ORDER THIS MOD NEEDS TO GO AT, OR NEAR, THE TOP OF YOUR LIST. Doing so avoids most of the conflicts that can occur due to the shear scope of this mod.

Thalmor Version Installation
1) Download the Thalmor version zip file from this page and extract it to your Skyrim/Data folder.
2) Download the Standalone Version from shodan44's Black and Gold Elven Equipment.
3) Extract the Meshes and Textures folders from the Standalone zip file into your Skyrim/Data folder. Do not include any of the esp files or else you may get conflicts or duplications of gear.

Optional Files
When I was making this mod I originally made it in many smaller parts. If there are only certain parts of his mod that interests you, then you can check out that individual piece by using one of the optional files. The main file contains all of the changes in the optional files and then some. WARNING: DO NOT USE THE MAIN FILE AND AN OPTIONAL FILE AT THE SAME TIME. IT CAN CAUSE SIGNIFICANT CONFLICTS.
Smithing Overhaul:
--JBS_smithing_real: Changes the smithing recipes so that the weight of the components match the weight of the item being created.
--JBS_smithing_real_ext: Adds many missing recipes for faction weapons and armors as well as other basic items that were missing from the game.
--JBS_item_breakdown_rev: Adds recipes to break weapons/armor into scrap
Smithing Extras:
--JBS_scrolls: Adds the ability to make your own scrolls and staffs
--JBS_gem_cutting: Improve rough gems into flawless gems
--JBS_smithing_soul: Adds recipes for making soul gems
--JBS_tailor: Make your own clothing, including faction specific clothing
--JBS_upgrade: Adds the ability to upgrade leveled items at the forge
Weight Overhaul:
--JBS_weight_overhaul_complete: Updates the weights of almost every item in the game to be more realistic.
--JBS_weight_overhaul_pot: Changes the weight of potions so that the weaker potions weight 0.1 and get progressively heavier until the most powerful potions are 0.5.

This mod's primary upload location is on the Steam Workshop, and any updates will appear there first:
Steam Workshop :: JBSchroeds' Complete Mundane Overhaul
Steam Community :: JBSchroeds :: Shared Files

Notice: Due to IRL issues, it is unlikely that I will be updating any of my mods in the future. They are provided as-is and I probably won't be around to answer any questions in the comments section.