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Rebena (Player House)
Version 0.95 (Beta)

What's inside
- Rebena Te Ra Player house:
Smithing utilities
Alchemy alter, and recipes for Remedy, Aetherius Draght, and Drop Dead Poison
Alchemy Cloner set for 6 specific items(respawns at normal 10 day interval)
Enchanting utilities
Atronach Forge, and recipes excluding Dadric arms/armor
Bed with Dragonpriest Busts as Headboard
10 Mannequins
4 Large scripted display cases
4 small scripted dagger display cases
4 double wepon and shield plaques
8 single weapon plaques
9 tall scripted book shelves and one single shelf scripted book shelf

- Vodahmin, Magic Anomaly Follower:
Uses a slightly buffed Lightning Cloak spell in combat

In depth Description:

Rebena is a Player house mod for TESV: Skyrim. It has a Dwemer theme
and includes three main parts, a tower, a hall, and a Laboratory.
It is located in the northern area of the reach and is immediately available for quick travel. It has a lot of display capabilities and is made to be filled, so horde those books, collect piles of gems or skulls, and fill up this beautiful, but cozy home.

The Tower houses the Dovahkiin's Room, a shrine to Akatosh,
and many bookshelves. it also includes busts for Dragon Preist masks. It can either have Natural lighting coming in the windows, or the sconces can be lit to provide brighter lighting using a lever.

The hall is a Dwemer workshop styled smithery, all tools necessary for
smithing are provided here. All areas include some display furniture(mannequins, display cases, plaques etc.). More containers have been added, and there's even an empty trough in which to pile any esoteric collectibles you might horde.

In the lab there is an Alchemy area on the first floor. There are two places to harness materials, a water area with natural growing plants, and a cloner, that houses six specific ingredients in order to provide the means to make six of each of three different general use potions and a poison whose recipes are sitting on the Alchemy alter. I've done this to provide a nice little supply of easy to make potions for those who don't wish to delve deep into academical studies, but there are many other materials available for those who do.
The upper area of the lab houses an Atronach Forge and Enchanting Alter, including a book that details all the non-Daedric recipes for the forge for easy reference.

Animal Follower:
Vodahmin, is a Magic Anomaly follower who you can find on the Atronach Forge. He uses your typical Ice wraith fighting style but also casts a lightning cloak spell whenever in battle.

Simply extract to the Data folder. This mod adds an edited version of a vanilla mesh and plugin file. All items are named with the prefix "RB12"

Future plans:
A Cluttered version.
No known issues.
A merchant with high gold available in or near the entrance of the house to make it a one stop destination for unloading your loot.

A dungeon, called Dragonbone Catacombs - has been made but while trying to make a quest I completely dropped the ball and my mod became a dirty one, eliminating a quest entirely and effecting another, so I no longer have any plans for a quest, and if I ever do a dungeon it'll have to be remade from scratch.

Current known Issues:
-I haven't managed to get rid of invisible collision geometry in the lab that prevents actors from falling through holes near the Atronach Forge.
-Have not tested Atronach Forge as far as the effects of Sigil stone.(Otherwise it works)
-You must put all eight Dragon priest masks on their busts at Labarynthian first, if you place them all in the house you will get no ninth mask and the game will think you have, so the bust in Labarynthian won't open. Just make sure you get the final mask before putting all eight in the house.
-Vodahmin won't have the option to fallow you until you ask him to stand his ground first, and sometimes must be talked to by pressing A twice.

Recommended mods that go well with this one:
Dwarven Mechanical Equipment
Make animated Dwarven weapons and shields
Dwarven Certified]
Make Dwarven Centurion followers

Rebena Te Ra is a reference to the location in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles of the same name.
Dragonbone Catacombs is a reference to the Catacombs in the Fire nation in the Avatar series.
Vodahmin, means forgotten, or unremembered in the Dragon Language.