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Revealing Female Clothing


CHSBHC Body Mody Only

This mod replaces ALL existing female clothing with BBP compatible clothing. All original textures from the game were used in the creation of each clothing style. This mod is not intended to reflect reality or bring more "lore friendly" aspects to the game. It's purpose should be fairly obvious...

Changes with New Update
- Changed the mage and merchant clothing boots for Newermind43's Gothic Boot style
- Changed others to wench boots or knee high farm boots (retextured to match clothing style)

Non Skimpy Clothing info
- I changed some of the little used clothing to non skimpy farm clothes and merchant clothes for old ladies. I plan to release a new version of Supermodel Skyrim very soon, where all of the old ladies are converted back to old ladies (not hot chicks with old lady voices), so they needed something to wear. Dressing them in skimpy outfits was never an option, and making all of them wear monk robes looked stupid.

My solution...I used the clothing files seen above (see pics) and assigned various outfits for the new Supermodel Skyrim release. For example, old lady merchants will now wear the "monk" robe, but now looks like non skimpy merchant clothing. Old lady townsfolk and farmers will wear the various other non skimpy styles. If you're handy enough with the CK, you can manually change the old lady's outfits, just assign them whichever style you like. Again, only use this optional download if you plan to use the new release of Supermodel Skyrim, or if you want to do it yourself. Otherwise, you'll see some female jarls wearing farm clothes, and female monks wearing merchant clothes.

Clothing Styles Converted to BBP
- Archmage (New Boot Style)
- Barkeep Clothes (New Boot Style)
- Beggar Clothes
- Blacksmith Clothes (New Boot Style)
- Chef Clothes (New Boot Style)
- Farm Clothes 1 (New Boot Style)
- Farm Clothes 2 and Variant (New Boot Style)
- Farm Clothes 3 and Variant (New Boot Style)
- Farm Clothes 4 (New Boot Style)
- Fine Clothes 1 and Variant (TKF Mini Red Heat Dress) (New Boot Style)
- Fine Clothes 2 (TKF Mini Red Heat Dress) (New Boot Style)
- Mage Apprentice - Novice, Apprentice, Adept Robes (New Boot Style)
- Mage Journeyman - Expert, Master Robes (New Boot Style)
- Merchant Clothes 1 (New Boot Style)
- Merchant Clothes 2 (New Boot Style)
- Miner Clothes (not able to convert boot style)
- Necromancer Robes (New Boot Style)
- Prisoner Clothes
- Thalmor
- Wedding Dress (TKF Mini Red Heat Dress)
- Wench Outfit
- Yarl Clothes 1 and Variant (use Skyheels)
- Yarl Clothes 2 (New Boot Style)

Required Mods
-CHSBHC-BBP-Nude and Jiggly Mod
-Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition-CBBE (use body texture file to avoid seams at hips)

Big Thanks To
- Teals03...Stacked Against Gravity Body and Armor with BBP Scaling...original designer of body meshes
- TKF...designer of Mini Red Heat Dress with CHSBHC Capability
- Newermind43...designer of Mage, Merchant boots (Gothic Set)

Recommended Mods for Best "Eye Candy" Factor
- Apachii SkyHair
- Sky Heels
- Better Females by Bella
- Victoria's High Heel Walk Animation
- Pretty Female Idle

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