Rift Valley Hunting Cottage by NUSSproductions
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Rift Valley Hunting Cottage is a player home south eastern of Rifton behind the Mountain. Its desgined for 'alternative start' chars and has everything you need in the beginning of a new game. It also adds a small hunting ground around the cottage.
A friend of mine asked me if I could create a little house for his char somewhere in the wildness and this is the result. Its my first mod that is worth to be uploaded, I know this player home is not that awesome. I hope you will enjoy it. Fell free to comment and leave some screens :)

  • Small Player Home in the boondocks of Rift.
  • Tanning Rack.
  • Wood Chopping Block.
  • Sharpening Wheel.
  • Alchemy Workbench.
  • Cooking Pot.
  • Save Containers (except the barrels)
  • Little Front Yard.
  • Small Hunting Ground around the Cottage.
  • Bed.

The mapmarker is hidden, if you dont want to travel the long way... 'coc RiftSValleyHHouse'
I deleted the agressive animals near the cottage, they forced the deers to run through the garden :S or killed them, what should be your job :P If you look carefully you might find a destruction skill book, its from vanilla skyrim and not part of the mod...

Extract the Data folder to skyrim's main directory
for example C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim

I have tested the mod, the only issue i had was that sometimes I couldnt use the chooping block. The animation suddenly aborts when my char takes a piece wood from the pile. I couldnt figure out why this happens :/ I gave the mod to my friend and he had no problems at all.
At the moment the cottage is not companion friendly. Maybe i will change this in the next days...

Change Log
Removed a very bad spelling mistake that completely changed the meaning of the mod -.- I should use my dictionary more often. I really suck at english, however you dont have to download the file again since I didnt spell anything wrong in the mod...

Bethesda for the great game and for the awesome Creation Kit!