ULG - Ultra Low Graphics Mod for low-end PCs by Iyzik
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Added: 16/05/2012 - 01:51AM
Updated: 23/09/2014 - 11:45PM

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ULG (Ultra Low Graphics)

The goal of this mod is essentially to make Skyrim have a playable framerate on 256MB VRAM (1/2 the official minimum req.) w/out having to decrease the game resolution from the screen size at all.
I think I may have hit this mark, or am atleast coming close to it. I don't really have a computer on hand with 256MB video card to officially test this, but when I play it on my laptop (GT 330M 512MB), the game uses between 230 and 250 MB with this mod installed (@1680x1050).


This configuration mod disables shadows, shrubbery, grass, small objects, decals, and various other things. It also dynamically skips mip map's for ultimate low resolution textures and decreased VRAM usage. I mostly created this mod for laptops with integrated or otherwise 'weak' video processors, it is mostly targeted at Intels integrated chipsets and AMD and NIVIDIA's older low end GPU's.


To install, extract the downloaded folder to your desktop. It is very important that you 'save as' and extract the entire contents of the folder or it will not work and throw various errors. Then open that and run ULG Installer!
There is no need to uninstall this mod, simply open Skyrim and set your graphics back to one of the default settings and go from there.
Also, DO NOT open options from the Skyrim Launcher AT ALL after you install this mod or it will reset some values and you will need to reinstall.

Change Log

Version 5.0

Some simple but necessary changes to the installation script. There are now several different options of graphics 'levels'. IE XXXL vs XXL vs XL. Also a few functionality changes and some updates to the configurations as usual. No XP yet, sorry.

Version 4.0

Major changes to both the config and installer. Should now work with Vista 7 and 8. XP no, maybe in the future. Remember to extract the entire folder to your desktop, don't just run it from a temporary download folder or it will not work. Aside from that I have done extensive testing on all the computers I have at hand with no issues. So enjoy!
A special thanks to sracha, who also did extensive beta testing and helped with optimizing the configs even further.

Version 3.2 - Windows 7

Adds and fixed a few extras. The installer is heavily revised (again) from the previous version. I now understand that a certain utility that works perfectly in Windows 7 does not work in Windows 8 so I am splitting the file into two versions; one for W7 and one for W8. So far I have not found a solution for W8 users, but I am working on it.

Version 3.2 - Windows 8

Cancelled... Vista , 7 , and 8 are all combined in 4.0 now.

Version 3.1

The installer is now much more intelligent and auto-detects most needed information. Also some major improvements to performance. ~200mb decrease in vram usage (now averaging 300mb total usage) and 15-25 fps improvement from default low settings. And the glitch where characters eye textures were just gray is now fixed too.

Version 3.0

Discontinues both the 'config' and texture pack versions. I have now built everything into a standalone batch installer so there is no more config editing or incomplete texture packs. This is probably the final design I will do, but there will defenitely be more optimization updates.

Version 2.0

Adds a config version alongside the texture packs. This config modification will use multiple processor optimizations and texture skipping mods to heavily decrease system load. Much more efficient than the texture pack.

Version 1.3

Added more landscape textures.

Version 1.2

Added a lot of landscape and terrain textures.

Version 1.1

Decreased size and increased compression of textures.


The developers of fnr.exe (find and replace), the installer would have been much more difficult without it.

A Special Thanks...

To 'mojodajojo' for his constructive input.

To 'sracha' for his extensive beta testing for ULG4 and constructive input on the configurations.