Colourful God Amulet Retextures by Deanoman
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Added: 15/05/2012 - 03:02AM
Updated: 17/09/2016 - 09:00AM

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Last updated at 9:00, 17 Sep 2016 Uploaded at 3:02, 15 May 2012

This mod retextures god amulets (Akatosh, Arkay, Dibella, Mara etc) to match nicely to the glass stained images in Skyrim's cathedral. It is not an HD mod in any way (to be clear these textures are the same resolution as the original textures).

This adds a bit of uniqueness to the browny blandness of the default textures and I think it does justice to the idea that if someone truly believes in a god and prays to it that they would take pride in their religion.

Please Note: Amulets are worn under most player characters armour so to see them you need to be wearing appropriate armour or no armour at all.

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This is the final version of this mod. I am no longer playing Skyrim and will not be continuing to update my files on the Skyrim Nexus anymore. All the best! :D

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