Craftable Nocturnal Robes by ishlilith
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Added: 27/11/2011 - 03:29AM
Updated: 29/11/2011 - 01:04AM

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Last updated at 1:04, 29 Nov 2011 Uploaded at 3:29, 27 Nov 2011

Robes, gloves and boots give the same protection as daedric armour, but weight a lot less. The circlet is heavy armour even if it's not displayed by the game, so it triggers the perks for matching set and full heavy armour.
They are also fully upgradeable (daedric) and a man can use it (although there are some glitches).

It's also unbalanced, craftable from the start and not very realistic, but who cares?

Special thanks to nixaguy and gibbed for their mods "Craftable Unenchanted Unique Armors and Weapons" and "Non-playable Armor".

The PC is Zilch, created by Rekicker.

-Loading a game wont make them disappear from you inventory.
It replaces Nocturnal Robes, Nocturnal hat, mystic tuning gloves and Sheogorath boots. Sorry for that but it was the easy fix until the CK is out.