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This isn't a serious mod, for those of you wondering. I mostly made it for shits and giggles. Um de hur de hur de hur!
It simply replaces a bunch of language strings in Skyrim to make most of the interface Swedish Chef style, from The Muppets.
I didn't do the transcription; all credit goes to the folks at for their 'Dialectizer'.

Simply extract the contents of the RAR archive to the Skyrim folder, usually under "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\".
You may want to backup the file "Translate_ENGLISH.txt", as this contains the default menu strings. There is a backup included in the archive, however, just in case.

Go to the Data\Interface directory in your Skyrim folder as mentioned above, and rename or delete "Translate_ENGLISH.txt".
Then, rename "Translate_ENGLISH_original.txt" to "Translate_ENGLISH.txt", and voilá. Or, if you like, you can use your own backup.
DO NOT run the game without one of these files, not unless you want every string of words to begin with a $.

Feel free to modify the files as you like. I don't hold any copyrights on this work.