Grimoas Plantigrade Feet For Beast Races by Grimoa
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Added: 13/05/2012 - 11:47AM
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>> What does it do?
This file gives unique feet to the beast races. They are somewhat similar to the appereance from Morrowind but are plantigrade (walking on the whole foot) instead of digitrade (walking on the toes). The meshes and textures are new, hand-crafted from scratch by myself. I hope you like and enjoy them!

I know there are some texture seams. I will fix them, as soon as I got another perk point in the texturing tree. For now I don't think I can do any better given a reasonable amount of time.

If you find anything else that is off, please report.
To increase your chances of a fix, please state the weight and gender of your character and if you are using any body / texture / armor mods. A picture of the issue would be most helpfull!

>> Currently working on
Have a look at the WIP Thread aswell!
Converting more boots. Whenever I get a bunch done I will update.
Clawnails for the hands will probably be a seperate mod. I put a link here once it's up. ;)

>> Future plans
Matching textures for some popular body retextures.
What to do to support custom races?

* Are you still working on this?

* Sure? The last update is half a century old!
Sure. It might take a while, but I will come back. It's just that real life tends to keep me from modding. *sigh*

* Can you do digitrade feet?
Nope. Have a look at "unique beast races.

* I think the argonian claws are to big!
Uhm... Nope, I'm not going to start over.

* Can you seperate the Khajiit and Argonians?
Yeah, people keep asking for that.
Mainly because they want my khajiit feet together with some other argonian mod.
Here's the problem:
In the Construction Kit is one item of the type "armor" for each pair of boots. This armor item sets which inventory item you see, the weight, armor rating, value the boots have. And it references one or more items of the type "armor addon". The armor addon sets which model you see on your character when you equip the item. You can specify different textures (but not models!) in the armor addon and for which races it should apply. So as long as all races share one model, there is only one armor addon.
To make the beast races use seperate models, I created a seperate armor addon for argonians and another one for khajiit.
And I edited the vanilla armor item to reference these new armor addons. And here is the problem.
I could delete the argonian armor addons to make a khajiit standalone. But I still need to edit the armor to make it use my new armor addons for khajiit. And that's the same item the raptor feet mod edits to make it use the new armor addons that mod adds. So.
Whatever mod you load last will win. There is either the edit that tells the game to load the raptor feet for argonians OR there is my edit to change the khajiit feet.
The only way to have both races is to have them in one file from the start. The way I'm doing it.

Oh and, please don't ask for me to merge my esp with that of the raptor feet. While this mod is still in developement maintaining multiple versions will only be additional hassle.

Tldr? The mod is not compatible with anything that changes shoes, not matter what race. Other than mod merging there is no way to change that.
Sorry, but you will have to decide.

>> Permissions
Do not reupload this file to any site, be it the Nexus or otherwise.
Do not use my meshes or textures for your work without my consent. PM me, tell me what you have in mind and I shall think about it. ;)

>> Credits
Danidragon for the concept art
Dragten for helping me solve some problems
The Nifskope Team: You rock!
The Blender Team: for equal amount of rocking
Sculptris: For being freeware
The Author of "Creating an Armour for Skyrim"
Bethesda for a World to mod