Headless Horseman Save Game by jcscrogs
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Added: 27/11/2011 - 02:55AM
Updated: 10/12/2011 - 06:49AM

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Updated Description #2:

For an updated savegame, and for all future updated savegames, go to this link below:

Updated Description:

I have not done too much in the quests or missions in this save and the other one, but I now own all houses and have better stats. I figured people might want to check out the houses in the game to see what each one offers before you just go and buy one - since the way to get each house is basically the same, might as well chose the one you want.

Houses (wih all upgrades):

Whiterun - Breezehome

Riften - Honeyside

Markarth - Vlindrel Hall

Windhelm - Jherim

Solitude - Proudspire Manor

I still haven't joined the Stormcloaks or Imperials yet, and the houses are fairly well stocked (I have at least 10 of all ingredients somewhere in each house - except Riften, I have the 10 of each on me but have been having issues with my ps3 controller working on my pc, so have been trying to get that fixed... I also have a lot of good weapons in the houses).

Old Description:

I lost my head by using tim (Immortal Mode) by having a Dragon eat me and then a Bandit cut it off after the Dragon spit me out, using tim I am like an essential NPC - everything works like normal except I won't die.

I have quite a lot done in the game, but nothing completely finished, I have also not chosen a side yet (Imperial or Stormcloak).

I was experimenting in my leveling so it is kind of inconsistent, but mainly I am a mage, with decent one-handed. I am max on enchantment, above 90 on Alchemy, above 90 on Blacksmithing, high on sneak, and a lot others. I am uploading this strictly by request from someone on the Steam forums.

I own the house in Solitude (which is where most of my stuff is - check everywhere) Proudspire Manor, Breezeway in Whiterun, and just got the house in Markarth (Vindrel Hall) which has some items in it.

I have used a lot of mods, so vanilla Skyrim might not work, but I would assume it would. I didn't save a new game with no mods, but if someone wants me to I can - let me know if you have issues.