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Thieves' Hideout

I lived the life they look down on. The glory life. The Thieves' Life. I went all over Tamerial and back, hunting the most valuable treasures in the world. I hungered for the thrill and adventure and the honour of a thief. But soon after the Imperial Legion caught up for me and my crimes. And now I sense they come to bring my end. No family. No heritage. This fine hideout will need its new master. Will you claim my home and become the son I never had? Do you have what it takes to be a Master Thief!

Adds a medium sized player home just outside of Riften, best use for a assassin or thief character.

Comes with all those Home, Sweet Home essentials including:
* A large bedroom area with a lot of space and chests.
* A large living room with alchemy lab, weapon range, study and cooking area.
* A shrine to Nocturnal offering a unique blessing once every 24 in-game hours.


Drag and drop the Thieves Hideout esp and bsa in your Skyrim/Data folder.


Delete the Thieves Hideout esp and bsa in your Skyrim/Data folder.


Celtic Decor -- Darkrder


1.0 Intial Release
1.1 Added Map Marker and made satchel easier to spot.
1.2 Added Missing Forge Equipment, fixed mannequins and plaques in main bedroom.
1.3 Quick edits and changes to scripts.

Please comment if you find a bug, as my Skyrim is going mental and won't let me test my mod properly and please endorse the file if you like!