ISAAC - Instantly Switch All Armor Components by Ebald
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Added: 12/05/2012 - 04:24AM
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This mod allows you to assign up to five different armor sets so you can equip all single armor parts by equipping only one item!
If set to hotkeys you can change your outfit as fast as never before.

Some examples:
1. After a werewolf rampage you change back into human form and don't have equipped anything, hit one key and fully reequip yourself*
2. After an adventure you want to sell your loot for as much money as possible but are too lazy to equip all your enchanted items, to maximize your profit, and reequip your standard garb afterwards, hit a key and change to all desired armor parts (and back with another key)
3. You encounter an enemy and quickly want to change to some enchanted armor parts which improve the defense against this enemy's attack's element without having to interrupt the combat
4. You want to relax in a bar in your casual clothes and not to have to equip every sigle part of your armor later when you get back to action

*only armor and clothes are affected; weapons, spells etc. are not saved in the armor sets


0. Required(for version 2.0): Skyrim Script Extender 1.5.6!
Extract the .exe and .dll files and the Data folder into your Skyrim folder ("...\SteamApps\common\skyrim\"), overwrite when asked

0a. If you update ISAAC to 2.0 from a previous version you need a savegame without the mod activated! -> deactivate/delete old ArmorSets.esp, load game, save game

1. Extract "ArmorSets.esp" and "ArmorSets.bsa" into ...\skyrim\Data\
2. Activate ArmorSets.esp in Data Files

Where to find and how to use?

in Whiterun there is a chest placed on top of the gateway, you get there over the roof of the first house on the left (look at the screenshots)

In the chest you'll find 6 items (5 Armor Sets and 1 Assigner).
With the Assigner you can assign the armor parts you are currently wearing to an Armor Set (a menu will pop up) (only 1.1 and less: If you want to assign the gear you are wearing right after installation you have to reequip every part once)
Whenever you equip an Armor Set you will equip all armor parts assigned to it

Known problems/bugs

- There is a Skyrim/Papyrus bug which causes custom enchantments not to apply if the armor is equipped by script or console


ver. 2.0
- support for all 32 equip slots
- equipped weapons, spells and shouts will be kept equipped (without reequipping)

ver. 1.1
- fixed: if you unequipped an armor to not assign it to a new set it still was assigned to the set
- fixed: if you switched to a set with less parts assigned than you were wearing before those parts kept beeing equipped
- bug: by equipping a set the weapon in your left hand will be unequipped, that doesn't affect spells

ver. 1.0
initial release