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Empowered Archmage Robes by Urtho
Skyrim » Magic - Spells & enchantments
Added: 11/05/2012 - 11:14PM
Updated: 11/05/2012 - 11:28PM

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Uploaded by Urtho


Last updated at 23:28, 11 May 2012 Uploaded at 23:14, 11 May 2012

This mod alters the Archmage Robes you are rewarded with at the conclusion of the College of Winterhold questline into a more powerful version. Here are the stat changes:

Default Archmage Robes

* Fortify Alteration, 15 pts
* Fortify Conjuration, 15 pts
* Fortify Destruction, 15 pts
* Fortify Restoration, 15 pts
* Fortify Illusion, 15 pts
* Regenerate Magicka, 100 pts
* Fortify Magicka, 50 pts (Hooded version only)

Empowered Archmage Robes

* Fortify Alteration, 25 pts
* Fortify Conjuration, 25 pts
* Fortify Destruction, 25 pts
* Fortify Restoration, 25 pts
* Fortify Illusion, 25 pts
* Regenerate Magicka, 150 pts
* Fortify Magicka, 50 pts

--> Fortify means it reduces spell casting costs in the default game if you aren't sure what that means

Both the standard hooded version and the unhooded version that is normally unobtainable have had their enchantments altered in the same manner. If you prefer the non-hooded verison for use with your own headwear just add it in via the console when you're rewarded the normal hooded robes at the finish of the questline. Or don't wait until then and add it whenver you like, we won't tell anyone.

A note on balance -> Yeah, these may not be. These altered robes were made on request, these exact numbers were what was asked for so that's what has been changed in this mod. If you think this is too overpowered, well you may be right or you may not be. I leave that up to you to decide, if you think it's too much feel free to skip this mod. :)


Only the enchantment for the Archmage Robes and some descriptive text for the armor entries of the robes are altered by this mod. Anything that edits the same things will conflict, everything else should be fine.


Standard install, use the mod manager of your choice to install or just drop the esp file into your Data directory manually and activate it.


Deactivate the file and then delete the esp. Shouldn't have any affect on save games.

Version History

v1.0 - Initial release

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