Accented Nightingale Armor by Mirror
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Added: 27/11/2011 - 01:34AM
Updated: 09/08/2012 - 12:08AM

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Last updated at 0:08, 9 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 1:34, 27 Nov 2011

Update: 09/08/2012
Added new version using the high res DLC textures, specular maps and bump maps. See further info below!

What is this and why it has been made:
I noticed at several points during the nightingale chain that Nocturnal was represented by the color purple, and a dark purple/blue.
I love the nightingale armor but I felt the details of it were lost in the sea of black.
I didn't want to do anything to flashy, but I felt a few accents here and there using the colors of Nocturnal might help to bring out this armor sets hidden beauty.
This is a simple adjustment to the existing textures (not a complete overhaul).

File Details:

High res DLC version:
The download includes everything you need texture wise so you don't *need* to have the DLC for this to work. or at least you shouldn't in theory..(I recommend getting it any way if your computer can run it).
I've included my edited versions of both and (along with the emits although they weren't touched).
If you cant use the high res DLC you *might* not be able to use this. although it is only one texture set. so use at your own discretion on lower end systems.
The screen shots of the new textures were taken using Skyrim enhanced shaders FX ENB presets with a few of my own tweaks. This set will appear much darker with darker style ENBs and appears very flat with no ENB.

"HD" version:
All of the below but doubled in size. It looks a tad bit better than the vanilla ones. This was back before we had the DLC.
This is just and up scaling of the original textures including the files. still uses the "out of box" textures as a base.

Vanilla version:
"Out of Box" textures that came with the game when it shipped. Minor edits to the files to fix some serious pixalation. Fixed a few artifacts on the texture as well. They look pretty bad in comparison to the new DLC version.

Currently it's for females only, if enough people want it for males I'll work out some more male oriented accent points.

Matching Nightingale Bow!
See it, Love it, or hate it!
See the matching bow at

Change log:
Update: 11/26/11
Male version added
Made some modification to the female version and added in some more accents, still left the over all outfit black, it should still just "hint" that you're a servant of Nocturnal.
Update: 09/08/2012
High res DLC version added.