Whiterun Hideout by Edjiang
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Added: 10/05/2012 - 02:33AM
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A small hideout beneath the streets of Whiterun. Perfect for thief and assassin characters. There are some necessities such as an alchemy lab, workbench, anvil, and a sharpening wheel. There are also 3 mannequins and 9 weapon racks for displaying your weapons and armor. Containers are present around the hideout, including 3 chests, a wardrobe, cupboards, and barrels.

This hideout is intended to be small and balanced. There are 3 rooms all located in one cell (No loading screens), including a bedroom, main area/training area, and secret room.

Located behind the Bannered Mare.

Note: I did not Navmesh this mod because of I did not want to be affected by the Navmesh bug. Followers and NPCs may not work correctly.

This mod was made by me, Edjiang, using the Creation Kit. Please do not upload Steam Workshop or any other site.