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This Mod Adds a New enemy Race Called Draman Skeleton, It Uses a New Leveled List and is Compatible with any other Mods, And it is Lore Friendly(You Won't See any Draman Skeleton Attacking a city or a village)

Lore: Draman Were Dragon Cultists Who Were "Blessed" By the Dragons In Ancient Times, Now They Have Been Resurrected By Alduin to Serve and Guard The Dragons once Again.

You'll only get to See those Creatures Near PLaces that are Important/Related to Dragons...

This Mod also Comes With a new Book Placed at Sky Haven Temple that Tells about the Draman and their Respectitive Locations and Variants.

The Leveled List Works Like This:

Low Level Character - Draman Skeleton Shade
Medium Level Character - Draman Skeleton (Has 3 Variants)
High Level Character - Master Draman Skeleton (Has 3 Variants)

Each Kind of Draman(Shade, Normal and Master) has a Different Size, Weapons and Powers.

There is Also An Optional File Avaiable To Download That Makes Much More Draman Appear on Skyrim(225) and also Makes them Hard To Kill, Realy Hard, But Not Impossible.

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