EzEs -Remove 3D Map Camera Limits- by xEightballx
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Added: 07/05/2012 - 03:08AM
Updated: 05/04/2013 - 08:37PM

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Uploaded by xeightballx


Last updated at 20:37, 5 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 3:08, 7 May 2012

What this mod does:
Removes the camera limits/restrictions to the 3D map. You can now zoom in on Markarth and Solitude (as well as get a view behind them). You can also get a better view of the icy shore near the College of Winterhold.
Not much more to it. Enjoy!
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Please read BEFORE asking a question about an issue or problem.

See "Troubleshooting" at the bottom if you are having issues.
Please use the Sub-Topic "Remove 3D Map Camera Restrictions - Issues and Bugs" under the discussion tab if you are having issues.
Or click here to use the nexus forums to post issues under that discussion.


Want to see what this mod does? Check out these videos:


Recommended changes to "Skyrim.ini" file,
located in C:\Users\[USER_NAME]\Documents\My Games\Skyrim.
Under "MapMenu", you should have something like this (if not, you can add these lines):

fMapWorldMaxHeight=160000.0000 - No longer required for Skyrim 1.8
fMapWorldMinHeight=120.0000 - No longer required for Skyrim 1.8
fMapWorldInitialPitch=50.0000 - No longer required for Skyrim 1.8

Lines with (Pitch/Yaw) edit how the camrea rotates.
Lines with (Height) adjust the zoom level
Lines with (DepthBlur) adjust cloud level or clarity
Lines with (Speed) adjust the mouse speed and camera movement. I am, however, using a 360 controller in the video.
Lines with (InitialPitch) adjust how your camera view starts out. 90.0000 is straight down, rather than at the default angle.
Lines with (uLocked) adjust level of detail of the terrain and objects (which is kinda low anyways), There also may be an issue with "A Quality World Map - With Roads": Try changing the uLockedTerrainLOD= to 32, or remove it completely.

If adding these lines to the .ini file causes a crash to desktop, take out the two "uLocked" lines
Also, these are the settings I am using - feel free to change them to your preference. Some editing and testing of the numbers may be required to get the desired effect.


This mod is most likely compatible with any mod.
All of the map mods should be compatible, considering I am using a bunch myself, including these:

EzEs Colored Map Markers by xEightballx
Fully Colored Map Markers by loveltzzm - check for update with Skyrim 1.8 first
A Quality World Map - With Roads by IcePenguin
A Clear World Map - With Clouds by IcePenguin
High Quality 3D Map by Ethatron
Player Home Map Markers by Volek
The Cartographers Map Markers by Feyawen
Map Markers Places of Interest by SarthesArai
Anything can happen when installing a mod. Even one as simple as this.
A clean save is strongly recommended.

"EzEWorldMap.esp" must be placed as low as possible in the load order regardless of how you install
In some cases, it's not required to be placed last, but if you are having issues or trouble getting this mod to work, you might want to try it.

Optional file:
It's the main file section, and is for Solstheim - so Dragonborn DLC is required. It does not replace the original file; it acts as an add-on. Placing it above or below the original file should work in either case.

Option 1: Nexus Mod Manager (recommended)
- Download with NMM
- Double-click on the mod
- click "yes to all" if it asks to overwrite

Option 2: Manual
- Extract "EzEWorldMap" into the Skyrim 'Data' folder
- Overwrite any files.


1. Check load order. This mod must be the last one in the list, at the very bottom.

2. Check for a Skyrim_default.ini or similar in your Skyrim install location. In some cases I've seen it override the skyrim.ini settings before, so you may have to delete it. REMINDER: always keep backups.

3. Check your "Skyrim.ini" settings. Camera 'rotation' is restricted by this file.

4. Missing [MapMenu] means you have to add it yourself, including the "[MapMenu]" part.

5. Deactivate any extra map mods not listed above; they may be interfering with this mod.

6. Again, check load order. Any mods activated may change the load order. Doesn't hurt to check.

7. Try loading a different area of the game. Sometimes this fixes mods when you do this; it gives a "refresh" sometimes, so to speak. This shouldn't be the case for this mod, but it never hurts to try.

8. Lastly: load a clean save, or a save without mods active to test this mod. (you can find some saves here on the nexus site)

9. If all else fails, report the problem in the bugs and issues section under the tab for "discussions". Try to be specific.
Simply saying, "This mod doesn't work" will not get you the help you are looking for.

This mod was done with SkyEdit and The Creation Kit
This is the same mod by EzE if you downloaded it on Steam. (I'm the same guy)
The version here and the version on Steam contain the exact same file if anyone was wondering.