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I came back to Skyrim after some time and decided to have another go at it. This time, I wanted to use some of the Followers I ignored previously, but when I got them again, I realized why I never liked them in the first place.

Thankfully, the CK came out (as well as a whole bunch of other great mods), so I decided to remake some of the characters to look a bit better and to fill niche roles that were generally ignored, or inconvenient to fill.

Version 1.2 is out! With it comes Uthgerd, Mjoll, and Alpha Lydia (I'll explain below). Also, stat tweaks, Perks, and unique combat styles and leveling for each individual follower!

Release notes:

Uthgerd the Unbroken
I loved Uthgerd in vanilla Skyrim. She boxed, she wielded a greatsword, she came with plate armor and even gave you 100 septims if you could knock her out. What's not to like?!

Actually, there's quite a bit not to like... for starters, she's not even set up for 2h weapons. In vanilla Skyrim, she's a 1h combat class. Second, her stats are pretty mediocre and I found her to be pretty easy to break, contrary to her name. I also thought that a tough girl should look tough and Bethesda took the easy way out by giving a relatively bland looking girl a scar and some wrinkles and calling it a day.

Stats: I thought that if she had a 2h sword but 1h stats, I should pick one of the two and set up her up for it... but as I progressed with her remake, I decided since you get her early enough in the game (potentially she can be your 1st follower without even doing any real quests), why not make her whatever she needs to be? So I did. She levels 1h, 2h, Block, and Heavy Armor evenly. She'll tank, she'll DPS, she'll do whatever you need. Also, I gave her a bit of a boost in defense and resistances so she can carry to the higher levels regardless of how you equip her. To make it even better, take away her shield and she can dual wield for you if you don't have a suitable 2h weapon for her.

Looks: Take away the scar and the plate armor and she looks like a grandma. Believe me, I did - just to make sure... Not liking the idea of Uthgerd the Elderly, I set out to make her look tough without the wrinkles. Broken nose, pursed lips, manly jaw, low brow, they're all there. Then I did some research on bad-ass Norse warrior women and if Conan taught me anything, it's that their women love braids, face-paint, and fighting. Only the fighting part sounded like Uthgerd, so I gave her the other two.

Mjoll the Lioness
Not really much to say here. Her character and presence are really top notch. I really just wanted to play with her stats a bit to make her different than the other four 2h warriors we have.

Stats: I wanted her to feel like a Lioness: relentless and unwavering. To accomplish that, I gave her Tower of Strength so she's harder to stagger, Champion Stance for more stamina, and Sweep to hit everyone in front of her with sideways power attacks. Now she's harder to stop, can chase and hit you longer, and isn't scared to take everyone at once... just like a Lioness should be.

Looks: Her features weren't "bad." But her head was shaped wrong. Honestly, it would be impossible for a human being to have a head like hers. Pretty much all you're going to notice with Mjoll is a little more proportion and symmetry. And I'm good with that. She was a standout NPC to me and I wanted to keep her like she is. Oh - I did change her hair... but only to an almost identical model that isn't so flat... gives her a wilder "I'm a Lioness" kind of subtlety.

Alpha Lydia: Whiterun Housecarl
In my opinion, Lydia is a staple character to Skyrim. She's everyone's first Housecarl, she's sworn to carry our burdens, etc. etc. Most of us know Lydia better than any other follower. As a matter of fact, her hair model is called "Lydia Hair" in my mind. Whenever I see another NPC with it, I think, "They have Lydia Hair." That's how ingrained she is in my mind... so changing her is like changing the title of the game... to me, at least. So why include her? Read on.

Stats: This is the main reason I included her. There are plenty of sword and board followers in the game but she is our first. I really wanted her to be a good 1h/shield follower, while being a bit different than Calder, for example. So I took one route with him, but with Lydia, I made her pretty reliable as a strong tank that depends on her armor and a bit of offense to deal with most situations. She has a 20% buff to Armor and 1h damage, so she'll be as strong as her equipment, but a bit more reliable later in the game or if you use mods that increase the difficulty of encounters.

Looks: Seriously, the only thing I did here was lower the intensity of her make-up. That's all. She just had so much on and it was distracting, so I toned it down a couple notches.

Other tweaks in v1.2
*Calder now has increased armor and blocking effectiveness at the cost of damage.
*Argis gains weapon bonuses based off the 2h he is wielding. When wearing all light armor he has increased stamina regeneration and a chance to avoid melee damage.
*Iona has massive boosts to her ability to sneak.
*Farkas ignores a large percentage of enemy armor when wielding a war hammer.
*Vilkas has the Devastating blow perk, giving him slightly increased power attack damage with a chance to decapitate enemies.
*Aela has a chance to stagger enemies she hits with arrows.
*All followers cap at level 81
All files loaded into 1 .esp file! Am still working to get "optional appearances" sorted out using this method.
*Dual wielding definitely works, just make sure that Iona, Jordis, or Uthgerd do not have a shield in their inventory.
*Certain NPC's have different default outfits to better suit the changes in their stats.

v1.0 Jordis The Sword-Maiden

Jordis The Sword-Maiden: Housecarl

She was a little difficult for me. On the one hand, Bethesda did a very good job on her appearance and her character, and her name is really cool too. On the other hand, she plays like any other Housecarl - sword and board with heavy armor. The truth is, bringing her along was a question of blondes vs. brunettes to me... Lydia being the brunette. But she had so much potential with such a cool name!

What I wanted to do with her was take her attitude and her name and totally run with it. I made her true to her name and focused her entire character on being the best at using swords. Stat-wise, she levels 1h faster than any other follower and her heavy armor skill is right up there with Calden. The trade-off is her archery and block skills are lacking and she has absolutely no business sneaking. I've properly set her up so that if she doesn't have a shield in her inventory she will dual wield her swords. She also comes with the Dual Flurry perk, which together means she swings faster and hits more often.

Her looks are what took me the longest time. I didn't want to change the general feel Bethesda gave to her, but at the same time, I feel they slightly missed the mark. First off, let me say that her facial structure is almost completely unchanged. I did change her hair and mouth to make her look a little younger, and changed her eyes from bright green to light green for realism sake. The reason for the changes was that after running around all over western Skyrim, doing several dungeons, and pretty much getting into fights everywhere in between, her attitude and personality reflected that of an excited and confident, young prodigy. With that in mind, I lowered her from max weight to about 50% and gave her a ponytail, as I thought it made her look a bit younger and sportier. The other thing I did was remove almost all of her make-up. I felt she didn't need it, and it distracted me from the "Natural Beauty" that Bethesda already gave her. I did, however, spend about three hours working on her complexion to give her very natural shades and minor discolorations that would be typical of someone who lives in a cold environment, but also suffers from intense heat (it's a cold/hot effect that produces red marks around the face) from wearing heavy armor. I also changed her mouth as I felt this one not only relayed her confidence, but had a young smile that fit her voice appropriately.

This one was quite a bit of work, and the changes on her are extremely subtle, but I'm really happy with how she came out.

v1.1 Companions

*Added Aela, Farkas, and Vilkas

Aela the Huntress: Companion
It seems to me that Bethesda really wanted her to be a standout character in the game, hence the Ancient Nord Armor, Marksmanship Training, and marriage options. Problem is, she levels 1h, Archery, and light armor, but comes equipped with heavy armor...? She also has this terrible complexion, long and bony face, pursed lips, and it almost feels like that put that face-paint on to cover up the shoddy job they did with her.

First off, her stats: I found a leveling scheme in the CK that actually allows her to max Archery, Heavy Armor, 1h, and Block. I thought this was nice since she is really the only Follower that prefers a bow, but wears heavy armor. She's perfect for sieging forts and strongholds and can hold her own if she gets aggro from you.

Second, her looks: I kept her hair and the Werewolf eyes, but pretty much ditched everything else. She's a Nord, so having prominent features is a must. I gave her a strong nose and jaw-line, healthy cheekbones, and a decent brow line. I shrunk her chin a bit as it was way too long, and changed her lips to be slightly more appealing.

Her Face Tattoo is a mix between two vanilla tattoos: One straight across her eyes, and another that goes from her eyes, down the side of her face, and to her neck. Got rid of her acne and then called it a day.

Plenty of archers in the game, but now we have one who prefers heavy armor and can potentially have a hairier chest than you! :O

Farkas and Vilkas: Companions
Ah, the brothers in arms. I always laugh at these two because they look like they put on their goth makeup in the morning and then went and worked out for 6 hours. They just look so bad. And the structure of their faces is seriously copy and pasted on about 15 other NPC's.

Let's go stats first again: Vilkas remains unchanged. Heavy armor and 2h swords. Check. Farkas, however, wears heavy armor and weilds a 2h sword, but levels 1h and Smithing? Makes no sense. I fixed him so he properly levels 2h and Heavy armor. Why? He's one of the first Followers you can get in the game and I think a 2h Warrior is nice to have early.

Looks: I wanted to accomplish 2 things with them - Look like brothers, and have a feral, or beastial look about them. I designed them to share the exact same bone structure, have the same lips, and nose as well. The eyes are a bit different, Vilkas has "smarter" eyes, but they do have the same silver "Werewolf" color. Where they are different, is Farkas looks more feral - unkempt beard and hair, whereas Vilkas is clean cut.

Lastly, Vilkas talks about regretting becoming a Werewolf during a few dialogues, so I added a nice big scar across Farkas' face to kind of tell a story about why. Thought that was a nice touch.


*Added two more NPC's, Eola and Faendal.
*Removed original files as the directory path for the meshes folder was wrong. Should be fine now.

Eola: Markarth Follower
Where to begin? One of, if not the strongest follower in the game. Atronachs right when you get her and Daedra later on? Sign me up. Oh wait, there's one problem: she's just so hard to look at... she shows up wearing bandit armor, face dirty like a beggar, and bright red lipstick to top it all off... and what's with the completely random face-paint? The more I do this, the more I think Bethesda used a random generator to make some of these characters.

First off, her voice doesn't match her appearance at all. She sounds put together, almost regal. Kudos to the voice-actress because underneath the regalia, there's even a sense of something sinister going on (aside from eating people to death, of course). With that in mind, the first thing I wanted to do was change her hair. The short and white together feels better. Carries the regalia from her voice, but keeps a bit of rebelliousness about it.

Next was her make-up. Traded in the lipstick and generic face-paint for blood red smears on her eyes. I didn't want any other color on her face to distract from it. On top of that, I moved her blind eye to the right side to match it up with the scar I gave her instead of those terrible dirt stains. I feel like there is a story behind it, and the scar adds to the mystery of it.

Lastly, her stats. I didn't touch them.... she's just so strong. Honestly, if you've recruited her you:
A) are one sick and evil Dragonborn.
B) don't need any other followers. She honestly clears entire dungeons by herself, leaving you to loot corpses as you follow along behind her.

Faendal: The Lover
The pictures I have of the "New Faendal" honestly don't do any justice to him in-game. You just have to have that first conversation with him to notice the absolutely enormous difference between the two. Why?

Look at vanilla Faendal, he's pushing 60... at least! How is he even in the runnings for Camilla? Well, aside from being one of two bachelors in town... I guess he's Sven's competition by default.

Anyway, I made him look a bit younger. Gave him the slightest sunburn and a nice workin'-at-the-mill beard. Not a full-on beard, mind you. Just enough to fit in a bit better with the big Nords he lives by. I also gave him a stronger nose and chin (as opposed to the old scrooge nose he had), and changed his lips to a younger looking smile. I really like it.

*Initial Release

Calder: Windhelm Housecarl
To be honest, he looked like a farmer to me and I'm sorry, but I hated the chops. I recreated his appearance to better fit a seasoned warrior as I pictured a Housecarl from Windhelm would be - a little older and a bit rough, but with an experienced and confident look about him. I did like the idea of another sword and board Housecarl, and it also fit my idea nicely so I left his stats unchanged.

Argis the Bulwark: Markarth Housecarl
When I first saw Argis I thought, "oh look, it's Ralof with a goatee and some facepaint." Once again, another follower that I completely ignored.

I brought him closer to his Nord base stats which are 2h and light armor - and with that in mind, I fashioned him as a young, Norse barbarian. I'm pretty happy with the way he came out.

Iona: Riften Housecarl
Let's face it, she was butch and we already had Lydia and Jordis who have the same exact stats... so why bother?

With the CK, however, I was able to not only change her looks, but her playstyle as well - which I did.

She now specializes in dual-wielding and sneak, which I thought appropriate for a Riften Housecarl - perfect for bringing along on Thief Guild and Dark Brotherhood missions. I tweaked her appearance a bit to fit that idea.

I did want to keep her prominent features intact, however, so I kept her strong bone structure around her face.

****as a side note, you may need a mod like Amazing Follower Tweaks by Dheuster to get her to dual-wield initially, or if you ever swap out any gear. The whole Vanilla follower equip system is just too buggy deal with consistently****
****This will be fixed in the next version of her release. I figured out how to make it so as long as she doesn't have a shield equipped, she will always dualwield.****

I have more to add, and will do so soon, so please keep checking as I will update often!
Coming Next:
Adelaisa Vendicci
Mjoll The Lioness
Uthgerd The Unbroken
Lydia - alpha rework, mainly focusing on stats
Jordis (finished)
Eola (finished)
Faendal (finished)
The Companions (finished)

I definitely won't be doing Jenassa as 83willow has already remade her remarkably and is what I use! Below is the link if you want to use it, which I recommend.

Just drop everything in your Skyrim/Data folder. For the changes to stats to take effect in-game, make sure the .esp files are checked in your NMM.

Last thing: If you are using a mod like Ultimate Follower Overhaul, which I recommend, the .esp from this mod needs to be BELOW it in the list.

The screenshots were taken using the following mods:
Omegared99 - Armor Compilation by Omegared99
Coverwomen by mrLenski
Lore Friendly Armor Pack by rahman530
DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99 (NSFW)
High Resolution Scars by Xenius