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Last updated at 21:16, 13 May 2012 Uploaded at 20:53, 6 May 2012

Bank Vaults Of Skyrim adds a Vault to every major city in game. There's hidden compartments to some and There's two rewards you gain from finding the hidden keys, the players own underground compartment and the dragonslayer sword (Credit to Phate3)

If you aren't a thief then these vaults are more cosmetic and the only utility you can get is to sell your jewellery for the rich bankers. As thief you have access to immense amount of wealth one could consider cheat, but you don't have to rob the place blind, just take a couple of gems as a reward for picking those hard locks and finding the hidden keys, then come back later to find the doors re-locked.

I just now got all cities done, so I might do alot of changes as I've been suggested some utilies I could add, but I'm not able to continue this mod for couple of days now so it'll have to wait for a while, but feel free to comment on what this mod needs and I'll see to it.

Map markers for
Markarth and Windhelm vaults are inside the keeps, see pictures.
To access the player owned compartment you must pickpocket key in solitude vault, find second and third key and the key to the player home is in the vault. Rest of the hidden stuff I leave for you to find.

-Levelers tower (regrettably) may cause CTD when traveling to mysterious door and / or entering / exiting some interiors in Markarth (oh the oddness.)

If you've got conflict to report please do if you know which of your mods causes it. Saying "It causes CTD" does not help.

Special thanks to Mjy and Mr. Phate for some of the objects in this mod.