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GUYS I've played like 1% of the game so I'd really appreciate your screenshots outside of the locations where every single one of mine are shot PLS. Thanks

I'm turning this into an ENB mod. I've managed to use enbseries' CAMERAFX to help further simulate dynamic glare so I might as well include everything. My enb was a frankenstein tweak of of an amalgamation of mostly sung9533's work on shaders and depth of field bokeh, and trillville's colours/tone mapping.

So to reiterate, some of the features are:
glare based on human eyes
high resolution sun and sun glare texture that does not go through objects
grain free sky and glare
dynamic sun glare
separate interior day/night lighting
sung9533's famous bokeh(based on the classic early versions)
ssao with low performance hit
no overly dark shadows
as well as all the bells and whistles featured in enb 0.157 including volumetric sun rays and translucent rain.

dark nights are optional in a Realistic Lighting plugin but recommended
other recommended mods:
ENB Weather by JawZ: no link, nexus page down (makes shadows really pretty)
Relighting Skyrim: (self-explanatory)
Torches for realistic lighting: (if using the dark nights pulgin)
Cinematic fire: (I would just use the legacy version. Dragon falmes and fireballs are jaw-dropping when used with this)

Get the enb 0.157 dll here: and overwrite everything.

Legacy readme below:

MY EYE IS NOT A CAMERA, now with high-resolution sun texture
I did lie before, but it really was supposed to be the final version! Here's the story:

I discovered the Sun texture was actually responsible for a lot of the graininess in its gradient sections (not as noticeable without ENB). I was surprised to find no one had made a sun texture, so I did my own. Now it's completely grain free! Ugh and to think I spent all that time trying and trying to fix the wrong texture. While I was there I integrated the glare into the sun to make it seamless- it was the best way to stop the sun from shining through even when it's completely blocked yet still allowing glare to be imposed over objects while partially exposed. This really should be final, I'm pretty proud of it and don't see how it can be improved any further given the limitations of the system without a dynamic glare.

High resolution sun
Tailored for ENB
100% grain free
Sun does not go through things (think the horrible mass effect flares of penetration)

Latest 3.1 update: There really was nothing more I could do to the sun or glare itself, but I found a way to tweak the ENB to make the glare a lot more intense without grain over objects:


Old description:
Attempts to simulate how the eye perceives glare rather than camera lens flares or fake god rays.
Made to be ENB compatible. Additionally the sun no longer shines through objects.

To install, replace within the sky folder within textures, or create the folders within the data folder if they don't exist.

Use these settings if you have trouble making it look right with ENB:

for a Grain free experience

(1.2) ENB settings and mini me version uploaded.
(1.1) Tweaked to look better with ENB
(1.0) Internal