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Companion Godmode v0.1

Ever got annoyed by accidentally shooting an arrow in the back of your trusty follower's head in the heat of battle? Ever accidentally roasted the flesh of that nice guy who's been carrying all your stuff? Fear not, for now you can make them immortal! Yes, immortal!

Just copy the 2 files into your Skyrim directory. f.e:
or C:\Games\Skyrim

*(Don't put it in the data subfolder, just the same directory as the .exe)

1. Open your console by pressing the tilde key (or another key if you're qwertydisabled).
2. Type "bat comgod" to make all companions immortal or "bat commortal" to make them all squishy meatpuppets again. (without the "")
3. Close the console
4. Optional: Shoot arrows into Lydia's eye.

Q: Will this possibly fuck up quests that presume some npcs might die?
A: Very possible at this stage, should it bug out simple revert the command by typing "bat commortal" and try again, or revert to a prior save.

Q: Which npcs does this cover?
A: Only the ones that are able to be a companion, this includes all the usual suspects aswel as that bunch of wherewolfscum.

Q: How does this exactly work?
A: If I told you, I'd have to kill you....
It's simply a list of commands which flags all npcs that can be companions as essential to the storyline.

Q: Your mod is stupid, it didn't work for me.
A: Make sure you followed all 3 steps, if it still doesn't work post the npc you're having trouble with in the comments section

Q: Your mod is stupid, anyone could have made this.
A: Possibly, go ahead and upload another savegame file.

Q: Will you marry me?
A: Try targetting me with the console open and typing "addtofaction 19809 1", it will greatly improve your chances

0.1 Initial upload.