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Last updated at 18:13, 7 Jun 2015 Uploaded at 22:35, 4 May 2012

This mod adds 10 new followers and 2 new Settlements/Locations to the world that is Skyrim.


Why?: We need more followers.
New Locations affect Lore or Enviroment?: No. They fit in just fine. In fact Beinirs Fishery is quite an attractive place

The 10 New NPCs:

All Characters are PC Multi in terms of stats and have basic magic unless stated otherwise.

Imperial - Male (Standard Armour & Weaponry.) = The Winking Skeever, Solitude

Imperial - Male (Heavy armour/Weaponry.) = The Giant Sleeping Inn, Riverwood

Argonian - Male (Light Weapons, Good magic.) = Outside The Nightgate Inn, Wilderness

Nord - Male (Light Armour, Heavy Weapons.) = Beinirs Fishery(New!), Ivarstead

Breton - Female (Magic Expert, Bow Only) = Rossmoy Cavern (New!), West of the Alchemists Shack in south

Khajit - Male (Rogue) - Dawnstar Barracks, Dawnstar

High Elf - Female (One handed, light armor) - Darkwater Crossing Mine, Wilderness

Nord - Female (Former Whiterun Guard, medium armor with destruction magic) - The Blue Palace, Solitude

Dark Elf - Female - (Expert Magic, Light Weapons ) - Tower at Docks, Solitude

Orc - Female - (Heavy Armor, One Handed Weaponry) - SilverBlood Inn, Markarth

Bugs: Blue Shield Wall Bug may appear in Rossmoy cavern.
Any random encounters directly outside Rossmoy cavern will not move.

My Twitter for Questions and Updates:!/SocietyKS

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