Rose of Sithis Arrow by Phenomene V8
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Last updated at 18:06, 5 May 2012 Uploaded at 6:33, 4 May 2012

I don't know if you are like my friends and I, however when we played Oblivion our favorite arrow in the game was Rose of Sithis. This was for one reason, it was so rare you only got one per game save unless you duped or consoled to get more. Well here it is for Skyrim.

This arrow is able to be crafted at any forge (under misc) given you have the Ebony Smithing perk (as it was an ebony arrow in Oblivion) with the following materials (Item ID corresponding to each item if you want to console the materials to make it):
1x Ebony Ingot 5AD9D
1x Hawk Feather E7ED0
1x Black Soul Gem 2E500

The old A Kiss, Sweet mother material version only requires steel smithing as the book might be awkward to come by.
1x Ebony Ingot 5AD9D
1x Hawk Feather E7ED0
1x A Kiss, Sweet Mother A0322
Altogether making 100 arrows.

Even though this arrow is ebony I thought it fitting to give it a "little" boost in damage as it is from the Dark Brotherhood it does 32 damage and I set the noise to silent (not sure if it works as I haven't tested it in depth yet.) so you will not be noticed as easily when sneaking around shooting people in the face. All flight characteristics remain unchanged from the vanilla Skyrim arrows.

I would also like to thank Nicoroshi for helping me fix a major texture issue I was having and motivating me to re attempt this project without his help I would have just given up and hoped someone else put this arrow out. So thank you again Nico if you read this.

Also anyone knowing how I could add Mehrunes' Razor magic effect to give this arrow a chance to one shot kill (for another version I will upload) please let me know what steps or procedure I should take to make that happen.