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(Will be adding these updates to a new section in my mods called "Changelog". Keep an eye out) Update! We're now partnered with the talented Tytanis, creator of some truly phenominal pre-Creation Kit stuff! Tytanis is most widely known for his great work on the Tytanis - The Ultimate Mod - Crafts - Spells - Items - MORE[url] mod.

Introduction (i.e Gloating Space)
Like most textures in Skyrim, even the smallest and least noticeable ones can make a ton of difference in the game. Your character and the NPCs around you are important, and this texture pack will give them vibrant looks and colors. This will also make character creation more enjoyable, as you'll be able to see your hero in new light... quite literally!

This mod will also fix the common "blocky face" problem where chins and noses have pixilated shadows and highlights.

What does this mod change?

A. Eyes.
B. Bodies.
C. Faces.
D. Underclothing (underwear and bras).
E. Dirt and tattoos on faces and bodies.

Which file is for me?

==25% Contrast==
Your character and NPC faces will now be a bit darker in the dark places and lighter in the light, making them appear more realistic. Use this if you want a subtle depth effect.

==30% Saturation==
Very slightly makes the subtle colors in all faces stand out, but when I say "slightly" I mean it. You won't notice too much of a different with this file set, and it is probably the most realistic color enhancer.

==30% Sat, 25% Con (Recommended version)==
When saturation is combined with contrast, it created a very pretty lush effect that makes the NPCs and your character look more alive. Use if you want the perfect balance.

==50% Saturation==
Basically, this does the same thing as 30% Saturation, only it's more noticeable on most faces.

==50% Sat, 25% Con==
All faces have a noticeable color difference, and will look flushed, bright and warm. Use this if you want a stark enhancement to your character/NPCs.

This mod will not replace any default texture files themselves. This pack will not replace any default Skyrim textures. It may cause a severe case of Showracemenu Syndrome though.

1. Unzip this ZIP folder into your Skyrim "Data" directory. If you unzipped this folder into another place, just make sure the "textures" folder gets put into the Skyrim "Data" directory. On Vista, the Data folder is located here: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data

2. If you are asked to merge folders or overwrite files, press OK or YES.

3. Start the game and stare an NPCs all day (and night, if you feel like it).

4. If you like it, endorse it. The more people who know, the better it becomes!


2. Navigate to your Skyrim Data directory, where you installed this pack to.

3. Go to "textures\actors", and delete or rename "character" to something else. This will uninstall the mod, and your NPCs will become emos.

This pack should be compatible with all mods except other texture mods that use the "actors" folder. If you're using mods that use the "character" folder, those should work just fine (even though they're in "actors"). Of course, if you know what you're doing, you can mix and match right?

Injectors Vs. Texture Packs
There's not much to say on this subject, so I'll just give you something to chew on. Injectors change the actual settings of the game, making it more lush... but at a cost. It can severely impact your system's performance, and is basically the same as turning your graphics up to high (Or more, depending on your injector settings).

Texture packs do not change any settings in the game, but rather they take advantage of Skyrim's texture system. By default, Skyrim will use a packed .BSA (a high-tech ZIP file) file to retrieve it's textures. However, if you create a folder called "textures" in the Data folder, it will take what textures it finds there and use them instead.

The nice thing about this is that Skyrim, like Oblivion, is programmed to use textures it cannot find in your "texture" folder, by accessing the .BSA. So you can basically add 1 new texture if you wanted, and as long as it was correctly named, Skyrim would only change that texture in-game.

I'm not saying injectors are bad, but they're probably not the best for most people.

Credits and Copyrights
For all the fact that I created this mod, it wasn't as difficult as it looks. It DID take me HOURS though, so if you plan on using the re-textured files that I spent so long improving, it would be nice to see some credit.

I also accept treats.