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Claire Brea v1_42final custom NPC follower - works with all body mods

This is the final version of Claire, there will no longer be any updates or new look options, and i am no longer taking requests for optional looks.

I am sorry to inform, but i have been away from Skyrim for more than a half year and i am no longer providing support for my mods.
If you read the description and follow all requirements there should not be any problems at all.

Thank you for understanding and for all endorsements.

news update 1.42final:
-fixed the fading Claire (invisibility bug) and the hair on shoulder and hands bug.

This is no.12 from my NPC collection (and my 2nd favorite one)

Don't forget to get her updated sister too! Elisa Brea here -
updated 2/may/2012
(NOT required, just recommended)

this is an auto-level up lvl 10-120 combat assassin/human missile

She is a Follower and Marriage NPC

For users of older version create a clean save before updating! means:
-empty her inventory and dismiss her
-go to a cell (house or behing any load door) where she is not present
-save your game, quit, delete the old versions esp and bsa files
-load last save, save again, quit
-install new version, enable it in the launcher or at least check if it is enabled
-load last save and she should be back at the Pelagius farm or if sunday then on the way to riften
I know its not fun to do this clean save stuff, but it prevents many issues that happen after updating a mod.
You'll find her at the Pelagius Farm south of Whiterun (the farm where you meet the companions for the first time when they kill the giant).
her schedule: (times may bit different in game)
8am - 2pm: working or slacking at the farm fields
3pm - 7pm: Whiterun market
8pm - 8am: inside pelagius farm house
She moved from Riften to make some money for her younger sister Elisa and saving money so they can later buy a small house.
Poor, but cute and strong she is willing to assist you in your adventures and maybe more ;)
As her sister is alone in Riften she visits her once a week, every sunday, schedule for sunday:
8am - 2pm: Riften market
2pm - 8pm: Bee and Barb
8pm - 3am: Haelga's bunkhouse

description and class:
this is not an edited vanilla NPC this is an EXTRA one and she is essential (cannot die)
Follower NPC addon, standalone, marriable, favor related (a coin for a beggar), bard
She is a combat assassin, but human missile combat style means she prefers ranged combat, to make her dual wield use this mod: (dual wield for followers)
Spells: healing, frenzy, harmony, ice storm
Weight: 30
Preferable armor: light

No need for any body/face mods,
but to make her or Elisa look like on the screenshots you will need:

Coverwomen look #1 from HERE

Eyes of beauty from HERE

Dark wind armor from HRE
mixed with
Layer Bikini CBBE from HERE

Field mage outfit from HERE

Dragon jewellery from HERE

Covereys on older screens from HERE

CBBE v3 from HERE

Highly suggested follower behaviour mod: Lively Followers by PrinceShroob (make your follower behave like Serana)

!!!Note: On some screenshots editing software has been used, so please don't write me that in game she looks different than on the cover picture or some others, if a screenshot has been edited you will see a signature BravoOskar on the bottom right.
She works with all body,hair and face mods and is editable in NPC editor!

for advanced users:
if you like different hair,face,body any hair, face or body mod will do. IF you are not happy with her look, or want to edit her stats, skills, inventory etc.
just download and install the NPC editor and change her to your likings

please report bugs if you find some, but it should work perfectly, i tested it myself.

Another note: everything she or Elisa has in common with the Parasite Eve character Aya are just a coincidence, sorry if i caused a confusion.

-installation: unpack and drop the esp and bsa files in skyrim/data folder

-uninstallation: delete the Claire.esp and .bsa

-NMM install: you know better, i don't use it
conflicts: none known

bugs and warnings:
-using custom hairs on NPCs or adding them to NPCs using NPC editor will cause double IDs means multiple selections in race menu of a particular hair type you used.
-She is updated so now the only hair double in race menu you will get is the hair she is using (apachii hair.27), it doesn't get better i did what i could.
-her sandbox is complex and always are the schedules correct, so before contacting me that you cannot find her, open the console and write -
help claire 0
and that should then show her name and id, if not it means the game doesn't load her at all so check your game launcher and that you have installed her properly

Have fun and don't forget to endorse if you like it

My follower mods (what's left on nexus): just click on a picture for the link

Sylvia's tattoo set moders resource:

Easy NPC creation tutorial:


Biiig Thanks to all who like my mods and for all endorsements you gave me for my mods

Thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim and for not fixing the broken Creation Kit

Biggest Thanks goes to all the patient moders out there who delivered all the great mods i am constantly downloading.

And a big Thanks to foretrenty for tips how to solve my IDs duplicating problem

BravoOskar 30/4/2012