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Arcane Fist by Kmikaz3


Please, if you see in your skyrim log, there's a "A_" with a name attached to it report it to me. That's a possible missing script.
Requirement: Skyrim, Dawnguard, Dragonborn patch and Reflection Ward to get the mod to work properly or else, it'll be ultimately a CTD on startup


Ver Ap11.2014

----New Aspect of Soul : A hazardous new spell with 3 new abilities Note that this spell has a lot of AoE i mean a lot and rather OP
+Soul Strike(30%): Depend on the target Hp (75%/50%/25%) you strike them with (25/50/75) damage. In return, if your health drop below (75%/50%/25%) you'll get Fortify health (100/150/200)
+Soul Reap(25%): Similar to Living Bomb, target(s) is afflicted with dark magic and explode after 7 sec
+Soul Rending(Randomize): A massive soul pillar smite your foe for 60 points plus 10 points for 10 sec
+ On killing target(s): You'll capture their souls and enslaves them into an enslaved soul and fight for you, up to 15
+Enslaved Souls shares the same AoS as you
----Aspect of Rune: Now you'll hit with newUnstable Reaction for 50%
+Unstable Reaction is a fusion of Chain Reaction(multi explosion) and Living Bomb. Explosions is either stick on targets or explode on the spot
----Aspect of Flame: Living Bomb(moved from AoR )is now player friendly, you'll no longer suffer from Living Bomb deflagration
----Aspect of Arcane: NewNow summons Arcane Wisp (Elemental Fire/Frost/Shock Wisp)
----Aspect of Thunder: Nerf down Infinite Magic (0% cost all school of magic) to 10%
+NewLightning Swipe: Swipe targets with a powerful shock explosion dealing 20 points
+NewGuaranteed Storm Bolt: Each time you hit a target, you'll send a guaranteed Storm Bolt
----Aspect of Earth:NewEarthquake revamp
+Earthquake: Now will send the target(s) at a short distance but with a twist. After being throw away, target(s) will suffer from Earth Entangle which periodically throw them down again for every 4 sec for 30 sec

PERMAFROST: This issue has been addressed for many times and yet i didn't see it coming. After scanning my mod with TES5EDIT, i saw i edited/altered FrostSlowFFContact (a vanilla magic effect) and unticked RECOVER. Therefore, it mess everything that has frost hazard to permaslow.


PERIODICALLY DESTRUCTION SKILL GAIN: This is due to a stray script. Now that i found and remove it. The issue is now fixed

Mod showcase start at 1:52


The spells below are scripted and affect by Fortify Destruction (Increase damage one not reduce cast), Fortify One-handed and highly on chance. Thats mean if you spec'd in One-handed and Destruction you'll see your damage done increase. The way the spells work is both you fists and the spells hit at the same time. Theres a seperate damage value for your fists and the spells

=newAspect of Rune: War/Doom(MB)(MB: Mystic Binding):
A melee spell base on runic weapons and Rune bombs. (Note: This spell is a double edge sword use it wisely (ie Living Bomb)
---Living Bomb: 40% chance to stun and stick a runic bomb on them for 10 seconds. Bomb will only explode if the target(s) regain conscious.
Living Bomb can kill you. Its highly recommended to get way from the target(s). Even if its exploded while the target(s) is dead, wait 3 seconds before approaching them.
---Chain Reaction: 20% to lend multiple mini rune bombs that explode right away.
---Weapon Call: 5% to call various Runic weapons
---Mighty Weapon Call: 3% to call 2 type of Runic weapons (Mighty Explosive Bow and Explosive Dagger). Those two are able to apply Living Bomb on strike
Up to 6 Runic Weapons only

Aspect of Flame: Molten Maker / Ignis' Hands (MB)
An fiery explosion dealing 12.5 pts damage / 17.5 pts if spent in Augmented perk on each impact.
-While damaging, you have 7% chance to strike a Combustion.
-While damaging, you have 10% chance to call the Twin Aspect of Flame (Double Fiery Wolves) to aid you.
-While damaging, you have 17% to breathe molten fireball that land a Wall of Fire on the ground dealing 15 damage.
-Combustion: Your body is getting hot and ignite a fiery shockwave that burn and flee the target(s).
-Heart of Flame: Your body is burning, gaining 25 additional damage to all (except twohanded weaponry)[Stackable]

Aspect of Ice: Brittle Finger / Brittle Bone (MB)
A frost explosion 12.5 pts damage / 17.5 pts if spent in Augmented perk on each impact.
-While damaging, you have 25% chance to strike a Wall of Ice.
-You have now 20% chance to fire Frost Tomb
-You have 15% to cast Ice Mirror: Increase your armor rating by 1k for 20 sec and reflect incoming magic projectiles
-While damaging, you have 2% chance to call an Aspect of Ice (Frost Atronach with 2 ice wraiths) to aid you.
-Frost Tomb: Freeze every target within 15 yard and deal 8 damage over time. Last for 15 seconds
-Cold Blood: You caught yourself in your own cold aura... slow time for 12 seconds.

Aspect of Thunder: Azura's Wrath / Skyfall (MB)
A Shock explosion dealing 12.5 pts damage / 17.5 pts if spent in Augmented perk on each impact.
-While damaging, you have 30% chance to strike a Chain Lightning.
-While damaging, you have 3% chance to strike a Storm Call.
-While damaging, you have 40% to breath a Wall of Storm.
-While damaging, you have 2% chance to call an Aspect of Storm (Storm Atronach) to aid you.
-Shock Leech: Leech 15 magicka of your foes per hit / 17 upon getting MB
-Pulsing Nerves: Your nerves is tickling, causing all magic schools spell magicka (even modded spell!) cost are reduced to zero for 30 seconds.

Aspect of Wind: Windgust / Tempest (MB)
A Wind explosion dealing 10 pts damage / 16 if spent in Mystic Binding
-While damaging, You have 25% chance to trigger a Knockback and 50% to disarm your target(s) if Disarmable.
-While damaging, you have 2% chance to call an Aspect of Wind (Spectral Dragon) to aid you.
-Windburst: Your body is covering with a layer of wind, increasing your attack speed and movement speed by 25% for 10 seconds. [Stackable]

Aspect of Earth: Earth Shatter / Quake (MB)
An earth explosion dealing 12.5 pts damage / 17.5 if spent in Mystic Binding
-While damaging, You have 10% chance to trigger an earthquake
-While damaging, you have 2% chance to call an Aspect of Earth (Spriggan Matron) to aid you.
-Earthquake: Stomp the ground and create a huge tremor. Stun every target(s) near you. If the target(s) is to close, it will be send flying.
-Boon of Mother Nature: Your body is covering with a thick layer of dust and leaves, reduce all damage taken significantly.
-Ethereal: Each time you strike, you have 50% to turn ethereal. Enemies cannot damage you but you can except it will cancel ethereal

Aspect of Arcane: Element Outburst/ Element Infinium (MB)
An arcane explosion dealing 7 pts damage / 12 if spent in Mystic Binding
- Aspect of Arcane has 33% to trigger every effect of Fire/Frost/Shock aspects

Aspect of Death: Boethiah's Might / Oghma's Eye (MB)
A ghostly explosion that deal 50/75 and 75/100 on bound weapon if spent in Mystic Binding.
-Aspect of Death deal the highest damage amongst all Aspects. Can raise corpses upon hit or be use as normal dps spell
-Another 17% chance to lower every attributes around your surrounding
-You have 10% chance to instantly kill a target except Dragons
-Have 1% chance to cast Undead Army: An Undead Army basically... Slightly OP for 60 seconds!

Aspect of Light: Hand of Enlightment / Hand of Purity(MB)
A light explosion dealing 8/14 if spent in Mystic Binding.
-Damage on Undeads are higher than living creatures
-Repulse Undeads for 7 seconds
-Cast Healing spells from 10% to 50% depend on the magnitude. Powerful spells will cast less often

Aspect of Poison: Peryites Bile / Afflicted Demise (MB)
A poison explosion dealing 12/20 if spent in Mystic Binding
-Have 20% chance to spit your bile, afflicting 7 damage over a minute.
-Have 15% chance to spit another kind of bile that corrode the armor and weapon of your target. The target melee damage will be reduced and will get more damage from you in return.
-While damaging, you have 2% to call Aspect of Poison (Chaurus Hunter) to aid you.

Aspect of Blood: Volkihar's Void / Volkihar's Obliterate (MB)
A blood explosion that deal 12.5/17.5 if spent in Mystic Binding.
-Steal 5 hit points from the target plus an additional 5 CombatHealthRegenMult point for 2 seconds
-While damaging, you have 12% chance to fire a Mass Blood Drain that will steal 1 hp of every living targets (even friendly) within 30 yard for 60 seconds.
-While damaging, Aspect of Blood apply Hemmorhage. Target suffer 100% weakness to magic for 5 seconds.
-While damaging, you have 2% chance to call an Aspect of Blood (Gargoyle Brute) to aid you.

Arcane healing spells
Add leveled instant healing spells (standalone)
Those Healing spells are slightly more powerful than the vanilla version
That being said, you'll need to get a certain level in Restoration to get the more powerful spells
Note: Either you use these or Aspect of Light or both at the same time, your choice

Where to get:
-On Gunjar's corpse in Helgen Keep. If the Dragonborn chooses to follow Ralof in the Unbound quest
-Farengar at Dragonreach sold the 10 books.
-Colette at the Winterhold College sold all new Instant Healing spells (all Standalone)

-Give spells to Npcs
It possible but with another mod such as ASIS. Skyrim doesn't allow npcs to learn the spells directly from spell tomes. Unless, i decide to directly add to their spell list but no.

-Runic Weapons: You can still see an invisible npc holding the weapon. That's as far as i can get to get the result like it was a hovering weapon attacking and not an armed npc

-Whenever you summon two same spell you'll end up summoning just one.
You'll have to wait 2-3 sec to summon the second one.

-Getting CTD when update from an old file to a new one? When you summon the spell and you get CTD with no warnings ?

Best way is to always have a couple of older saves (not too old) and try to get the spells from there. As it is the only way to fix it.

Suggestion - All Compatible!!

Unarmed Various actions Include Melee armed by oldcyder .... MUST GET... seriously

Pretty_Combat_Idles by dualsun ( under Old Version tab grab Karate h2h Idle) as shown in the first screenshot

Battle Claws by Loshirai14

The Dance of Death by AzarelHrafin

Martial Arts By Evanoblivion

Unarmed Combat by Eldiran

Nightmare - Enemy spawner mod by DefiniteIntegral

SkyRe by T3nd0s

-Thank Stopertime for the video
-Thank to Sjogga90 for Reflection Ward though i didn't use his mod just set as master file you still need to DL his/her mod
-Bandicam for vid
-Big huge thanks to fg109 for the Script
-Bethesda for Skyrim and Creation Kit