Ridgeview House by samxrr
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Added: 29/04/2012 - 05:49PM
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Last updated at 2:49, 20 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 17:49, 29 Apr 2012

This beautiful mountain top home overlooks a vast expanse of Eastern Skyrim. Enjoy a scenic adventure view of the land below you. Watch the sun rise and set over Skyrim. [ MAP ]

If you see grass floating, please click here for a fix.


[REV. 2.1] (Current) Simplified and revamped interior lighting. Any lighting issues should be resolved. Check Steam page for more info.
[REV. 2] Added misc. interior decorations, added hidden safe, fixed campfire lighting, removed and sealed room mistakenly revealed in Rev. 1.
[REV. 1] First release, no longer in beta. Added misc. items around exterior (gardening tools, etc), added hay to stable, added chairs on deck, some NavMesh pathing changes.
[BETA 3] ESP name change. IMPORTANT:Due to an esp file name change, the game will treat this as a new mod. SO ALL CHESTS WILL BE EMPTY. You won't lose your chest items, but they will be tied to Beta 2. Please remove your items before upgrading and place them back into the chests when you install Beta 3. I apologize for the inconvenience- this won't happen again.
[BETA 2] Add tanning rack, add stable to park horse, add storage chests for crafting stations, fix sleeping bonuses for beds, add lots of extra storage (chests, etc), move bench a little back from the edge of the platform, move alchemy station to enchanting room, reorganize navmesh data again.
[BETA 1] Initial release.