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This mod adds a spell to the game that will upgrade leveled items to match your current level.

This mod is now included in Complete Crafting Overhaul.
It will still function perfectly fine when used on it's own, but it isn't needed if you also have CCO.

You can find the spell tome sitting to the left of the tribute chest outside High Hrothgar.
The item(s) must be in your inventory when you cast the spell in order to upgrade to the next level. Any enchantments or smithing improvements will be lost when you upgrade the item.

Certain unique items in the game are "leveled." This means that there are several versions of the item with scaled stats (more damage, stronger enchants, etc). You can only ever receive one version of the item, and the version you receive is determined by the level your character is at the time they acquire the item.

Most of these items are quest rewards or are found through doing certain quests. Therefore, what generally happens is that you either have to hold off on doing certain quests until your character has reached a level high enough to earn you the best version of the item, or you get the item at a lower level and then watch as it become useless to your higher-level character.

This spell removes the need to wait to acquire these unique items. You can do the quests whenever you want, and your leveled rewards will now level with you.

This page has good information on the leveled items:

This spell will level the following items:

Gauldur Blackblade
Gauldur Blackbow
Lunar Iron Mace
Lunar Iron Sword
Lunar Iron War Axe
Lunar Steel Mace
Lunar Steel Sword
Lunar Steel War Axe
The Pale Blade
Tsun's Battle Axe
Shield of Solitude
Nightingale Blade
Nightingale Bow
Nightingale Armor
Nightingale Boots
Nightingale Gloves
Nightingale Hood
Amulet of Articulation*
Mage's Circlet

*For the Amulet of Articulation, the spell uses the same leveling scale as the Unofficial Patch.

In addition to all of the items listed above, the Dragonborn version will also level:
Miraak (mask)
Miraak's Robes
Miraak's Staff
Miraak's Sword