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Added: 28/04/2012 - 09:45AM
Updated: 08/03/2015 - 05:56PM

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Last updated at 2:56, 9 Mar 2015 Uploaded at 18:45, 28 Apr 2012

THANKS to all who have provided feedback, endorsed, kudo'd, screenshoted and put the hideout as a File of the Month in May 2012.

A small, detailed, atmospheric hideout off the beaten path between Riverwood and Whiterun. If you don't mind getting your boots wet, the sound of waterfalls, and prefer a darker hidden place to kick up your feet and drop off your loot...this may be the home for you.

Should be lore friendly, ready for companions, full crafting and storage.
  • If anyone is familiar with my other mod Fallout 3 Mini Hideout. you may see some similarities, especially in style.
  • This was made using NebuLa1's version 1.4 of Skyrim HD 2k Textures. If your computer can handle it I recommend it to see what I saw when I designed it.
  • The hideout is very lighting specific so ENB mods or other lighting effects may make it too dark or flicker more.
Please feel free to provide feedback and may spark an idea or change in the mod.

Thanks to DARKFIREGAMING for creating a great video of the hideout:

(New Update) Thanks to GamerPoets for creating an even more detailed walkthrough and great video:

Thanks to Brodual for including it in their top 10 player homes list (#8 at 1:20)

...and featuring it in Skyrim Mods Weekly: Bits n' Bobs (at 3:38)

Thanks to Gamespot for featuring Rayeks End...even if they don't like the bed :) (at 6:00)

  • Forge
  • Armor Workbench
  • Grindstone
  • Ore Smelter
  • Enchanting Table
  • Alchemy Table
  • Tanning Rack
  • Bed with Rested Bonus (3 sit markers on bed as well)
  • Labeled Storage (safe, no respawn)
  • Navmeshed with Idle Markers
  • 3 Weapon Plaque Displays
  • 2 Shield/Sword Plaque Displays
  • 5 Weapon Racks
  • Mannequin
  • Rayek's Blade (Nightingale clone w/ frost dmg)
  • Custom Bookcases (148 books)
  • Bath (seats 5)
  • Cooking Pot
  • Hidden Waterfall Entrance
  • Map Marker (fast travel)
  • Chopping Block and Wood Storage
  • Talos Shrine that cures disease
  • Unlimited Bookshelves compatible (make sure load order is correct)
Spanish by ShironaMKRUGerman by Powerbenny1706Italian by RilissimoFrench by AmylarRussian by AelitaDon't forget to endorse the work put into translating it if you use another language.
  • COMPATIBLE with Riverside Lodge
  • If your mannequins armor disappears ever (just visually) I recommend this mod Mannequin Fixes
  • Lighting a torch inside will initiate a flickering nightmare
  • Far left weapon rack at forge next to workbench will not let you pick up some weapons after you place it (Fixed in version 06)
  • Bedroom Dragon Falls water flickers on occasion
  • Reports of incompatiblity with Dwemer Armory
  • Interferes with Scenic Carriages path between Riverwood and Whiterun
  • Can get slightly snagged going up stairs to front door
  • from Rayek's End may cause water in Falkreath to look distorted (enchanced by ENB)
Copy the contents in the Rayek's End Data folder into your Skyrim Data folder==========[ UNINSTALLATION ]==========Delete the RayeksEnd.esp from your Skyrim Data FolderDelete the AARS Folder from your Skyrim Data/Meshes FolderDelete the AARS Folder from your Skyrim Data/Textures FolderDelete the from your Textures/Water FolderVersion 05:
  • Added double bed optional file
  • Fine tuned Navmesh a bit more
  • Statue of Talos now grants blessing of Talos/heals disease effects
  • Hideout is slightly brighter overall
  • Added Chopping block and wood/axe storage (yes the stump with the axe in it stores an axe cause I hate carrying it around)
  • Minor flickering/lighting adjustments
  • Full edit check and reset - Tedious but done, file is substantially cleanerOnly cells edited by this┬ámod:Interior:AARayeksEndExterior:Tamriel/Wilderness 000096B4Tamriel/Wilderness 000096B2Tamriel/Wilderness 000096B3Tamriel/Wilderness 000096D2Tamriel/Wilderness 00009694
Version 04
  • Fixed "Open Manhole" pop-ups at base of pillars in bedroom
  • Quieted Bedroom waterfalls
  • Ever so slightly brightened the hideout
Version 03
  • Fixed "Blood Seal" pop-ups
  • Fixed Food Plate from flipping over
  • Removed waterfall sounds at alchemy station
  • Waterfalls in the hideout are now quieter
  • Couple visual tweaks
Version 02
  • Renamed to Rayek's End (little more lore friendly)
  • Renamed as to not conflict with WATER mod
Version 01
  • Initial Release
Thanks to the following for their resources that helped create this mod:OpticShooterUse of his file from his excellent W.A.T.E.R mod.BlaryFor use of his resources at the following locations:
Open Books Resource
Food Containers Resource
Book Sets Resource

Saved me a ton of work I'm sure:
Weapon Rack/Mannequin/Plaque/Bookcase Pre-sets

For his tutorial videos on Youtube that helped me get back into the swing of things

Bethesda - Thanks for a great game.

Nexus site/staff - Thanks for making a great place to share our creativity.