Rayeks End - Mini Hideout by Rayek
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Added: 28/04/2012 - 09:45AM
Updated: 29/07/2015 - 02:43PM

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Last updated at 14:43, 29 Jul 2015 Uploaded at 9:45, 28 Apr 2012

THANKS to all who have provided feedback, endorsed, kudo'd, screenshoted and put the hideout as a File of the Month in May 2012.

A small, detailed, atmospheric hideout off the beaten path between Riverwood and Whiterun. If you don't mind getting your boots wet, the sound of waterfalls, and prefer a darker hidden place to kick up your feet and drop off your loot...this may be the home for you.

Should be lore friendly, ready for companions, full crafting and storage.
  • If anyone is familiar with my other mod Fallout 3 Mini Hideout. you may see some similarities, especially in style.
  • This was made using NebuLa1's version 1.4 of Skyrim HD 2k Textures. If your computer can handle it I recommend it to see what I saw when I designed it.
  • The hideout is very lighting specific so ENB mods or other lighting effects may make it too dark or flicker more.

Thanks to DARKFIREGAMING for creating a great video of the hideout:

(New Update) Thanks to GamerPoets for creating an even more detailed walkthrough and great video:

Thanks to Brodual for including it in their top 10 player homes list (#8 at 1:20)

...and featuring it in Skyrim Mods Weekly: Bits n' Bobs (at 3:38)

Thanks to Gamespot for featuring Rayeks End...even if they don't like the bed :) (at 6:00)

  • Forge
  • Armor Workbench
  • Grindstone
  • Ore Smelter
  • Enchanting Table
  • Alchemy Table
  • Tanning Rack
  • Bed with Rested Bonus (3 sit markers on bed as well)
  • Labeled Storage (safe, no respawn)
  • Navmeshed with Idle Markers
  • 3 Weapon Plaque Displays
  • 2 Shield/Sword Plaque Displays
  • 5 Weapon Racks
  • Mannequin
  • Rayek's Blade (Nightingale clone w/ frost dmg)
  • Custom Bookcases (148 books)
  • Bath (seats 5)
  • Cooking Pot
  • Hidden Waterfall Entrance
  • Map Marker (fast travel)
  • Chopping Block and Wood Storage
  • Talos Shrine that cures disease
  • Unlimited Bookshelves compatible (make sure load order is correct)

Spanish by ShironaMKRU
German by Powerbenny1706
Italian by Rilissimo
French by Amylar
Russian by Aelita

  • COMPATIBLE with Riverside Lodge
  • If your mannequins armor disappears ever (just visually) I recommend this mod Mannequin Fixes
  • Lighting a torch inside will initiate a flickering nightmare
  • Far left weapon rack at forge next to workbench will not let you pick up some weapons after you place it (Fixed in version 06)
  • Bedroom Dragon Falls water flickers on occasion
  • Reports of incompatiblity with Dwemer Armory
  • Interferes with Scenic Carriages path between Riverwood and Whiterun
  • Can get slightly snagged going up stairs to front door
  • from Rayek's End may cause water in Falkreath to look distorted (enchanced by ENB)

Copy the contents in the Rayek's End Data folder into your Skyrim Data folder

==========[ UNINSTALLATION ]==========

Delete the RayeksEnd.esp from your Skyrim Data Folder
Delete the AARS Folder from your Skyrim Data/Meshes Folder
Delete the AARS Folder from your Skyrim Data/Textures Folder
Delete the from your Textures/Water Folder

Version 05
  • Added double bed optional file
  • Fine tuned Navmesh a bit more
  • Statue of Talos now grants blessing of Talos/heals disease effects
  • Hideout is slightly brighter overall
  • Added Chopping block and wood/axe storage (yes the stump with the axe in it stores an axe cause I hate carrying it around)
  • Minor flickering/lighting adjustments
  • Full edit check and reset - Tedious but done, file is substantially cleaner
  • Only cells edited by this mod:

  • AARayeksEnd

  • Tamriel/Wilderness 000096B4
  • Tamriel/Wilderness 000096B2
  • Tamriel/Wilderness 000096B3
  • Tamriel/Wilderness 000096D2
  • Tamriel/Wilderness 00009694

Version 04
  • Fixed "Open Manhole" pop-ups at base of pillars in bedroom
  • Quieted Bedroom waterfalls
  • Ever so slightly brightened the hideout
Version 03
  • Fixed "Blood Seal" pop-ups
  • Fixed Food Plate from flipping over
  • Removed waterfall sounds at alchemy station
  • Waterfalls in the hideout are now quieter
  • Couple visual tweaks
Version 02
  • Renamed to Rayek's End (little more lore friendly)
  • Renamed as to not conflict with WATER mod
Version 01
  • Initial Release

Thanks to the following for their resources that helped create this mod:

Use of his file from his excellent W.A.T.E.R mod.

For use of his resources at the following locations: Open Books Resource Food Containers Resource Book Sets Resource

Saved me a ton of work I'm sure:
Weapon Rack/Mannequin/Plaque/Bookcase Pre-sets

For his tutorial videos on Youtube that helped me get back into the swing of things

Bethesda - Thanks for a great game.

Nexus site/staff - Thanks for making a great place to share our creativity.