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A NOTE TO ALL: This mod had proved a massive pain to get working perfectly and going through each NPC to fix the bagillion Apachii hairs would take too long to be worth it. I will be completely remaking this mod soon and will be including (almost) every NPC in the game upon release. I will update the version number here and post a link to the new mod when I post it. Right now I'm just being held back by the CK bug that puts makeup on my characters' foreheads, as soon as I find a fix the new mod will be happening. Thank you for your patience and keep an eye out for A More Beautiful Skyrim Experience V2![/size=4]

A More Beautiful Skyrim Experience

[size=15]Important Information[/size=15]

UPDATE: It was recently pointed out to me that I had a picture of Vilkas and not Farkas uploaded, sorry for the confusion! I have fixed this, but you may want to look at him again to be sure you want it. Also, sorry for the delay in adding new NPC's, I'm in the last week of college finals and have literally not a moment to spare, but I promise many more soon!

Some NPC's will show up as outdated in NMM, it is generally safe to ignore this. I need to update the version so it is apparent when I add new people, but the old ones have not been changed. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I will take requests for certain NPC's bundled to make the NMM file easier to manage. Provided I have the time, I will upload as many individual requests as desired. I will also take requests to edit particular NPC's that I may not have yet, or provide a different version of those I have done.

I will also be adding all NPC's into one .esp file in the near future for those who don't like all the clutter!


This is a subtle beauty enhancing project. I aim to make as many characters as possible pleasing to look at, but still very similar to their former appearance. This is not intended to make everyone into supermodels, just pleasant yet diverse. These NPC's are also generally cleaned up, so if you'd prefer a more gritty game with dirt, this mod is not for you. For certain characters where I felt the hair style I chose made them look somewhat different, I have added "natural" versions. I will be adding many many more in the near future. You may download individual characters, or the whole pack.

These mods only edit the face and hair. No armor or behavior adjustments are included.

Edited So Far

  • Adrianne Avenicci
  • Anuriel
  • Eola (Including the file from my other mod, and not similar to the original Eola face)
  • Jenassa
  • Lydia (Two versions, collective pack comes with the first, optional "Natural Lydia" version available)
  • Hroki
  • Maven Blackbriar
  • Mirabelle Ervine
  • Mjoll the Lioness
  • Sapphire
  • Carlotta Valentia
  • Faendal
  • Irileth
  • Tonilia
  • Vex
  • Ysolda
  • Annekke Crag-Jumper
  • Arcadia
  • Balagog Gro-Nolob
  • Belrand
  • Betrid Silver-Blood
  • Brand-Shei
  • Brelyna Maryon
  • Camilla Valerius
  • Borgakh the Steel Heart
  • Danica Pure-Spring
  • Elisif the Fair
  • Embry
  • Erik the Slayer (Only applies when he becomes a hireling after his short quest, but the changes are mainly cleaning up dirt from his face, so it will not be a jarring change)
  • Faida
  • Falk Firebeard (Now with more fiery beard!)
  • Faralda
  • Farkas
  • Fralia Gray-Mane
  • Fridrika[*]Gaius Maro[*]Aela the Huntress (My version and natural available)[*]Ahlam[*]Taarie[*]Vorstag[*]Sven[*]Torvar[*]Uthgerd the Unbroken[*]Bryling [*]Sigrid
REQUIRED MODSFor all of these to work and look like my pictures, you need:Apachii Hair (and the Vanilla Colors optional file if you want the hair to look the same)High Quality Eyes (You may have different eye colors without this)Other mods used in my images:CBBE Body, Face Pack, and Darker Neater EyesbrowsCBBE Skin TextureINSTALLATIONThere are currently two types of install possible. Use NMM, or manually download the files. It will either be a zipped file with two things in it, or the two things will be in another folder labeled "Data." Either way, copy and paste these two files into your skyrim/data folder. Make sure they are checked in the launcher's Data Files section, or NMM's plugins tab or they won't show up! To uninstall, just delete the two files.CHANGELOGVersion 1.1Added new NPC's: Carlotta Valentia, Faendal, Irileth, Tonilia, Vex, and YsoldaVersion 1.2Added Annekke Crag-Jumper, Arcadia, Balagog Gro-Nolob, Belrand, Betrid Silver-Blood, Brand-Shei, Brelyna Maryon, and Camilla ValeriusVersion 1.3Added Borgakh the Steel Heart, Danica Pure-Spring, Elisif the Fair, Embry, Erik the Slayer, Faida, Falk Firebeard, Faralda, Farkas, Fralia Gray-Mane, Fridrika, and Gaius MaroVersion 1.4Added Aela the Huntress, Ahlam, Taarie, Vorstag, Sven, Torvar, Uthgerd the Unbroken, Bryling and SigridVersion 1.5Added an optional beta combined .esp version and corrected an issue where an NPC was missing from the combined pack.Special thanks to foretrenty for making NPC Editor, could not have made this otherwise!