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It always bugged me that while the Skyforge Steel weapons are the same weight as normal Steel, but do better damage, the Wolf Armor made at the same forge has the same defense as Steel, but weighs less. Where is the logic in that? How about some consistency?

This small mod aims to address this issue.

As of version 1.1, there are two versions of this mod. The only difference is that the optional version hides the helmet; both have the same stat improvements. You only need to download one version :-)

Stats, etc
Basically, Wolf Armor weighs much the same as Steel now, while it gives a bit more defense. I've weighed Wolf Armor exactly in between Steel and Steel Plate, to match the kind of body coverage it provides. That makes it weigh considerably more: a total of 57.5 instead of 32.

That is offset by a moderately higher defense than Steel Plate, actually falling in between (a little below the half-way point, in fact) Orcish and Ebony. For comparison, here are the base numbers (always below what you see in game):

- Steel: 31
- Steel Plate: 40
- Orcish: 40
- Skyforge Wolf: 43
- Ebony: 46

- Steel: 17
- Steel Plate : 19
- Orcish: 20
- Skyforge Wolf: 21
- Ebony: 23

Boots / Gauntlets:
- Steel: 12
- Steel Plate: 14
- Orcish: 15
- Skyforge Wolf: 16
- Ebony: 17

If that seems like a big jump (from 31 to 43 on the body armor, for example), I would argue that the Wolf Armor, judging by its body coverage and design, would be somewhere between Steel and Steel Plate Armor if it was made anywhere other than the Skyforge. Both the Steel Plate and Wolf Armor, for example, contain a full chest plate, while standard Steel Armor does not. If non-Skyforge Wolf Armor were between Steel and Steel Plate, it would have a rating of about 35 or 36. And then the jump to 43 is not as large.

In the end, I feel these stats suit the 'lore' better than the original ones. The Skyforge is meant to create excellent weapons and armor. It should be (arguably) the best steel in the world. It's still steel though, and isn't going to be better than dragonbone. But I don't really see why a legendary forge should produce such terrible armor.

Indeed, the only reason for Wolf Armor to be so weak (and light) is balance. You can pick up a set of Wolf Armor fairly early in the game, and long before Orcish (unless you do some serious grinding and get lucky with vendors). Using Skyforge Wolf Armor at that point will clearly give you an advantage. If that's an issue for you, I'd recommend only installing this mod when you naturally acquire Orcish Smithing.

On the other hand, on Master difficulty, I've always found the start of the game to be a bit too hard, and the end a bit (much) too easy. On my next playthrough, I plan to use Skyforge Wolf Armor from start to finish; in that sense, a little more defense at the start, and a little less at the end might be no bad thing.

Because this mod only alters statistics it should be compatible with everything which does not also alter those statistics. I've tested it with a couple of popular retexture mods, and had no problem at all. It should also still require the Steel Smithing perk, although I don't know whether altering the statistics will clash with, say Headbomb's Smithing Perk Overhaul. I plan to play with that installed, so I'll test it then.

Invisible Helmet
There is an incompatibility with mods (those I've tested anyway) which hide headgear or make it invisible. Basically, you'll have to choose between an invisible helmet (load this mod before), or a helmet with improved stats (load this mod after). If you choose the invisibility, the helmet will revert to its traditional (Steel-equivalent) stats, but none of the other items will be affected.

Alternatively, you could download the optional 'invisible helmet' version of this mod, which will allow you to hide the helmet and keep the stat improvements :-)

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