Eola the Lovely Cannibal by Bambii
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Added: 24/04/2012 - 09:06AM
Updated: 29/03/2015 - 03:54PM

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Last updated at 15:54, 29 Mar 2015 Uploaded at 9:06, 24 Apr 2012

Uploading on request, this is my version of Eola, the necromancer/conjurer/cannibal/badass. I've always loved her character but found her appearance rather disappointing. While normally I prefer more conservative characters, she felt so appropriate as a lovely seductress.

Please note, this mod does NOT include anything but the face. She will be wearing default armor. You will need Apachii hair (listed below) for the hair to work.

I used NPC Editor to make this, but many other Mods were involved in creating this exact look. Sorry for so much being required, I was not making her originally with the intent to upload so I wasn't exactly picking and choosing pieces to add.

Required to Work (If you don't include this mod, she will probably break):
Apachii Hair (Also need the Vanilla Colors optional file)

Required for Optimal Appearance
Natural Eyes
CBBE (Will need the face pack and neater, darker eyebrows as well)

Gear in Pictures (If you want her to look exactly like in my pictures):
CBBE Ancient Nord Armor (Only need the ancient nord armor file)

I also highly recommend ENB and a realistic lighting mod, it will make her skin look beautiful. This particular hairstyle is also incredibly long, down to her bum. I included the cloak because it can behave awkwardly when she crouches, it hides the hair standing up off her back during such an occasion.

This is my first time uploading a mod, so please let me know if anything doesn't work!