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Updated: 19/04/2014 - 04:55AM

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Last updated at 11:55, 19 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 0:16, 23 Apr 2012

update is coming soon.

Type your favorite one to download.execute the file,and replace to the game "data" then it should be work already.

you can found the animation file in path:
X:The Elder Scrolls V SkyrimDatameshesactorscharacteranimationsxxx.hkx.
just remove it,now the character will return vanilla idle with original game set.

Recommend Mod:
1.Pretty Female Idles

All of my newest work package:
Pretty Motion Package
1.481 > 1.482
bow style 02 add new equip and unequip idle,new walk fw/fwl/fwr idle,bow style 02 idle adjust, holding arrow@ idledraw character will try to refocus their target.
1hm03/dw02 turning idle adjust, bow 02 beta idle released.

(1hm03 and dw02 extra optional) has closed a moment, they will comeback on next update.
1hm03/dw add run/walk f//fl/fr and turn l/r, add new equip idle.1hm03/dw02 adjust.
2hm05 add walk f//fl/fr,run fl/fr,2hm05 adjust, turn l/r adjust, add new equip idle.

Adjust crossbow sneak_idledraw,you just hold in this position around 15sec in 3rd camera, your character will check focus.Add option for mag beta choice vanilla idle.
Adjust crossbow01 standing and sneak idle,adjust bow02 standing idle,fixed crossbow and bow camera position,sneak style 03 now is full compatible with most weapon idle on my work.Crossbow add run idle.

Magic idle new beta release within Nmm installer,Full compatible with my sneak idle style03,recommend use with the Sneak Style 03(sneak1hm request),this just a beta version,only provide for right-hand and damage spell only.

Staff style02 released,Adjust 2hm05/dw02.Mag idle now without nmm pack.
Jump front flip move in from pretty female idle,jump land idle is change,now it should be compatible with male and other jump idle,that mean if you dont like Jump flip,you still can use the jump land file with other jump idle.
Update two-handed sword/dual weapon/add staff standalone pack.
New casting idle beta version released,add including walk/run@fwlr@bwlf,still support some damage magic only,and this is stand alone without NMM installer pack.full version will support most magic after version 1.46
New magic casting motion able for male and female to use.
Add including left and right hand cast.
Fixed magic idle make game crush/ctd.
This version only provide the idle for damage magic,and not including walk/run/turn,i will try to complete this in next version.

Magic casting style 01 reopen,Fullset for lefthand magic casting(60+ action renew)this is for female only.
Crossbow use sneakmt idle adjust.(including in crossbow 01/02)
Add Crossbow 02,also including sneakmt and sneak draw/reload and walk,it is same like Crossbow01,just the stand "idleheld" style is different and the action still compatible with sneakdraw.
Add Crossbow 01 standard set,including walking and sneak draw/reload.
(This crossbow idle set including sneakmt idle,if u want use the crossbow sneakdraw,you have to use this sneak idle for match with crossbow "sneak draw",if you change other sneak style or crossbow stand idle will make the crossbow sneak idles broken,(not include sneak with weapon like "sneakh2h/dwdw/1hm" they still free for you choice).
This the reason why i set this to "standard" only this one including and compatible with crossbow sneak),but if u think the vanilla crossbow sneak is good enough,u can skip above what i say,and u can just try the crossbow stand and walk idle,they are much better than vanilla for my personal thinking.
Bow style 02 add turn/run.
Pretty Combat Idles(PCI) NMM Installer update for 1hm03 and 03 extra,add staff file.
1hm 03 left hands finger adjust.add turn/run.
Staff 01 released(stance idle only),supports cloak swing.

Important note!
if you use the staff idle, i suggest use same position 1hm idle,it's controlling the staff idle left hands.that mean you have to use 1hm03 get best compatible with staff idle.

Adjust bow draw idles,fixed loop problems,upload better runforward for 2hm 05,for other Runforward may use same with this sample at the future.
Adjust dw 02 body balance and swing.
NMM installer and type file update with bowdraw fixed.dw 02 adjust only in NMM installer.
Magic cast style 01 now is close,it's not work anymore with the game new patch.
2hm 03 rebuild,supports skyrim cloaks swing.
2hm 05 released.
Fixed bow draw idles,plz check picture preview.
Pretty Combat Idles(PCI) NMM Installer update 1.42 now including sneak style 03.
Sneak idles 03 and sneak with weapon(sneak_1hm) released.
Pretty Combat Idles(PCI) NMM Installer released.
Adjust sneak idles 01,Remove optional file and sneak with weapon(sneak_1hm).
Add 2hm01 turn left/right with aiop and single type.
Add all newest combat idles single type for download.
Add 1hm/dw and 2hm(style 05) turn left/right 60,180,1hm/dw equip and unequip.
Released 1hm 03 with extra action.
Released dw_idle 02 with extra action.
Released dw_idle 03.
Released 2hm_idle 05.
Released bow_idle 02.
Adjust h2h,dw01,2hm01 body balance and facing side.
2hm 02,04 offline and comeback in next patch.
Released All in one pack.(not Nmm install version)
adjust taking bow motion,adjust 1hm turn right.add bow draw equip/unequip.
adjust 1hm turn left/right idle and reupload with 1hm 02.
Fixed 1hm02 weapon reverse,including 1hm turning left/right 60,u can copy and rename to 180...
Adjust stand bow draw,fixed all bow draw arrow wrong side problems.
1hm 02 swing and motion adjust,camera fixed.dw_idle little adjust,camera fixed. h2h camera fixed.
All bow idle drawn adjust,character now have a breathing,and if you hold arrow longer time,character will try to check his focus.fixed sneak bow no arrow and no sound problems.

Sneak bow idle camera fixed.
Sneak idle 02 camera fixed.

Adjust h2h-karate idle
Adjust dual-weapon idle
Adjust h2h-karade idle circular motion and reupload file.
Adjust dual-weapon idle circular motion animation.
Invisible arrows fixed,add bow_drawheavy sneakbow_drawheavy.
Bow_draw action adjust.
Sneakbow_draw action adjust.

adjust h2h-karade idle circular motion animation.

Released Karate_h2h idle
Released bow_drawn idle,full new create from T pose model.("including bow_idledrawn/bow_drawlight/bow_idleheld/bow_release")
Released sneakbow_drawn idle,full new create from T pose model ("including sneakbow_idledrawn/sneakbow_drawlight/sneakbow_release")
Released magic casting_left hand idle ("must left right hands also equip magic,else the right hand will Clenched fist")
Released sneakidle_02,full new create from T pose model ("including sneakidle/sneak1hm_idle")
Repack and Reupload sneakidle_01 ("including sneakidle/sneak1hm_idle" and including optional file little adjust for compatible with male and female.)

Released two-handed sword idle 01F

Released two-handed sword idle 01F
Released two-handed sword idle 02F
Released two-handed sword idle 04F

Released one-handed sword_Idle 02
Released dual-weapon idle 01F

Sneak and sneak with taking weapon idle 01 released.
1-handed sword_idle 01 fixed for allow taking with shield.
2-handed sword_idle 01,02,04 released.
Dual-weapon_idle 01 released.

Released 1-handed sword_idle 01
Released 2-handed sword_idle 03