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Naruto Ultimate Overhaul by Gyn and OmegaRiddick1084
Skyrim » Magic - Gameplay
Added: 22/04/2012 - 04:07PM
Updated: 08/04/2016 - 08:33AM

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Uploaded by gyn


Last updated at 2:33, 8 Apr 2016 Uploaded at 10:07, 22 Apr 2012

Skyrim 1.8 or higher

This Naruto Overhaul adds 105 new standalone eyes for every race and 32 spells from the Naruto Anime.

Use the NMM or extract the compressed file and drop the contents in your Data folder.

To change your eyes if you have Dawnguard go to the Face Sculptor in the Ragged Flagon otherwise you can use this mod.
As of 1.8 the Sharingan, Byakugan, Sage Mode and Kyuubi Mode powers will change your eyes while active, no need to permanently change them in the Character Creation Menu, they'll change back when the powers wear off.

Naruto Jutsu
Here's a preview of the spells and powers contained in this mod:

Amaterasu - Shout that burns any target you aim at, will kill most things.
1st word is a single burst, 2nd word is more powerful, 3rd word is an AoE burst that kills anything around you. Better if aimed in first person.
Tsukuyomi - Paralyses any NPC.
Byakugan - Detect all creatures nearby, slowly drains magicka over time,  can be deactivated at will.
Sharingan - Slows time, can be activated and deactivated at will, drains magicka over time.
Shinra Tensei - Knock back, now an alteration spell.
Shinra Tensei area - Knock back area, now an alteration spell.
Chidori Nagashi - AoE lightning spell. 
Chidori Eisou - Lightning beam/spear.
Chidori - Short ranged attack. Benefits from novice destruction, dual cast & shock damage perks.
Rasengan - Short ranged attack. Pushes enemies away when struck.
Kirin - 1 Hit KO most NPCs, benefits from expert destruction & dual cast perks. Must be cast at close range.
8 Gates - Sacrifice your health in exchange for great boosts to physical skills.
Sage mode - Increases regeneration of all three main stats, last 5 minutes, leaves the user fatigued once it runs out.
Kyuubi Mode - Greatly increases all main stats but drains health unless deactivated. Can be fatal if not used carefully.
Dragon Flame Jutsu - Constant gout of fire, each successive rank does more damage but costs more magicka.
Fire Ball Jutsu - Single large fire ball, each rank does more damage but costs more to cast.
Phoenix Flower Jutsu - Fires a large amount of small fireballs, costly but great for crowds.
Teleportation Jutsu - Teleports you a short distance away. Better if aimed in first person.
Kirin - now has a lightning strike which can be avoided if under cover.
Bansho Ten'in(Universal Pull) - pull NPCs and throw them around like rag dolls.
Medical Ninjutsu - Ranked Healing, higher ranks cost more but heal more too.
RasenShuriken - Powerful ranged Rasengan, can destroy most enemies without much effort, very costly though.
Hidden Mist Jutsu - Makes you impossible to detect while you destroy your enemies from within the fog.

Along with these you get weapons from the Naruto series like Sasuke's Kusanagi and a few craftable armour pieces including Tobi's Mask.

How to get these and more? Just look in the screenshots.
Find the hideout near Riverwood and buy the spells or craft the weapons.

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Otherwise you can use Vampiric Thirst by MissLeeches, it has an MCM option to remain looking human.
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Want to become part of the almighty Uchiha Clan, want to unlock the secrets of the Sharingan?
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This mod is for you:
The Uchiha Clan
This mod is fully compatible with the Uchiha Clan, in fact, the Uchiha Clan is based on this mod and vice versa.