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Skyrim 1.8 or higher


Skyrim Naruto Anime Overhaul add 105 new standalone eyes for every race and 31 spells from the Naruto Anime and a naruto island

Drag all the files and the esp Files in your data folder and done =)
dont forget to check the esp in the skyrim launcher
Hope you Like it !

Enter showracemenu in the console ingame to change eyes.

Naruto Jutsu

Look at the screenshots to see where the jutsu master is located

Amaterasu - channels for a few seconds igniting any npc u look at.
Tsukuyomi - paralyzes and calms npc's in an area around player.
Byakugan - detect life
Sharingan - slows time, can be activated and deactivated at will. found in power tab
Shinra Tensei - knock back, now an alteration spell
Shinra Tensei area - knock back area, now an alteration spell
Chidori Nagashi - Aoe lightning spell. benifits from adept destruction, duelcast & shock damage perks
Chidori Eisou - lightning beam/spear, channeled. benifits from apprentice destruction perks, duelcast & shock damage perks
Chidori - Short ranged attack. benifits from novice destruction, duelcast & shock damage perks
Rasengan - Short ranged attack. benifits from novice destruction & duelcast perks
Kirin - 1 Hit KO most npc's, benifits from expert destruction & duelcast perks
8 Gates - each gates adds the benefits of the previous gates before it aswell as increased damage to the caster.
Sage mode - double damage, half damage taken, movement speed
increase and no fall damage
Dragon Flame Jutsu
Fire Ball Jutsu
Phoenix Flower Jutsu
Teleportation Jutsu
- now has a lightning strike which can be avoided if under cover.
Bansho Tenin(Universal Pull) same as telekinesis but with npc's. 1 of the new features that was adding in the recent skyrim update.
Medical Ninjutsu Ranked healing spell
Rasen Shuriken

~Update 26/05/2013~
new spells added
Great Fire Annihilation
Amaterasu is now a shout. its very much the same except for the final word of the shout which is an AoE burst. reason for doing this is becasuse not all magicka propertys come into effect with lesser powers.

look at the uploaded screenshot for more informaton


Gyn Eyes and Island
Clayton-wilson Naruto Jutsu

Special Thanks


Remember I don't make the spells clayton_wilson make them so ask here : Naruto Jutsu

Face Texture Of The Pictures
first you must go here and download the face texture : - Exoshinoizme Blog -

And then download one of the head mesh variants from Ran46 : - head mesh variants from Ran46 -(chubby cheeks is used on the pictures)

Then make sure you try out various enbs or make one yourself with the ENB Customizer ENB Customizer

If you need more information PM: Exoshinoizme

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