Summon Nightingale Sentinel- Gallus by Zeroeternalz
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Revision Notes 8/14/12:

Version 1c and 2c replaces the previous update's shadow clone with three Agents of Nocturnal; The Agent of Shadow, Subterfuge, and Strife.

1c has a 24 hour recast timer, version 2c has no recast timer.

Revision Notes 6/26/12:

Version 1b updates the visuals for Gallus bow to appear more ethereal and adds a new ability to summon a shadow clone to assist in battling his foes. The shadow is at maximum of level 5 and can be defeated easily. This ability serves the purpose as a means of a decoy from the real Gallus' spirit.

Version 2b same as version 1b but this version does not have the 24 ingame hour recast timer.

Revision Notes:

Version 2a removes the 1 second charge time to summon. Spell is now instant. Keeping version 2 for those who prefer to keep the 1 second charge time, and version 1 for the 24 hour summon limit.


Revision Notes:

Version 2 of the ability has been uploaded. Version 2 allows the user to summon Gallus multiple times per day. I have kept version 1 available for players who would rather just be able to summon Gallus once per day.


As an extra reward for becoming a Nightingale and the Thieve's Guild Guildmaster, you can find Gallus's Memoir laying about in Nightingale Hall (The area where the Dragonborn becomes a Nightingale).

Upon reading Gallus's Memoir, Gallus will provide support to his fellow Nightingale from beyond the shadows of the Evergloom.

Gallus is equipped with the following:

1. Equipped with high level Nightingale Sword and Nightingale Bow.
2. Equipped with customized Nightingale Arrows: Powerful arrows that pierces through an oppenent. If Gallus misses his target, the arrows explode stunning enemies nearby.
3: Increased Speed: Gallus moves slightly faster than the average actor. (Not to the point he's overpowered).
4: Customized Combat Style that focuses on ranged combat and will only melee when opponent closes in.
5: Upon getting the ability, Gallus is level 50 and levels up to 81 along with the player.
6: Improved stats in health, magicka, and stamina.
7: Has TrickShot, Overdraw, QuickShot, and Armsman Perks.
Updated Ability available on Version 1b & 2b
8: Summon Shadow Clone: Gallus summons a shadow clone to assist in combat and serve as a decoy.

The spell is obtainable by finishing the Thieve's Guild quest Darkness Returns and returning to Nightingale Hall to find the memoir. Gallus is not essential and so he will still disappear once taking too much damage. Similar to the Summon Spectral Assassin ability, this can only be cast once a day. By request, I may make a second version that will allow the player to summon Gallus whenever he disappears.

I am working on more summons, spells, and an army of followers. Please let me know if there are any issues with this mod. I don't believe it should have any issues with any existing mods. Please rate up if you like the mod, and if not, please feel free to comment. Thank you and enjoy!